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Help With New Supps


I am taking creatine, whey, Aminos, glutamine, vitamins, tribullis.

Any suggestions on what else to take or get rid of?

Thanks in advance



Cup, give a little more info on your level of experience and what your goals are and more specific advice can be given.




My goals are for strength and size. Going for the male model type of build. I have lifted on and off but just got back on two months ago.



Dedicated is right. you really shouldn't just take supplements, because different stacks have different effects, and those desired effects should be based off of your experience and specific goals. hope we can help you.


Well, if you want to get a little bigger and you have your nutrition dialed in, I would recommend Surge for post workout recovery, BCAA's to enhance muscle recovery and growth, and Carbolin 19. If you are near your muscular ideal and want to get rid of body fat to get closer to that male model look consider HOT-ROX Extreme. You can read up on all of these in the T-Nation store.

Take care,



Not familar with Carbolin 19 but I do take BCAA


Flameout. Flameout. Flameout.

I ran out of this stuff a couple of weeks ago, after having taken it religiously for months, and I definitly feel as if my body has taken a beating. Everything just feels better while taking fish oils.


Oh ya I take carlsons fish oil. The lemon tasts good.





Bump what...you got answers.