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Help With New Routine


I'm trying to design a new, more "traditional" routine for strength and hypertrophy.

I'm still a beginner with weight training. I've done Pavel's "Power to the People" routine off and on, as my primary hobby was Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I was not looking to gain muscle mass. Now I can't do BJJ, and I'm looking to gain a little mass and work out "for looks" for a while.

I live in a rural area, and my equipment is as follows:
Olympic barbell
Trap bar
adequate plates
CoC grippers
wrist roller

Going to a commercial gym is not an option. I can use the local high school football gym if I absolutely have to, but I won't have a spotter, and I'd prefer to design a program for home, as winters are hellish here and I don't want to have to drive at night to get to the gym.

My current max lifts on the lifts I've been working on Pavel's routine are:

Conventional DL: 300 x 1, 250 x 5
Military: 100 x 5 (no idea about 1RM)

I also enjoy doing trap bar deadlifts and shrugs but have no idea what my maxes are right now.

I'm also worried that pressing every weekday, even with low sets/reps, is messing up my left shoulder.

So, any help that can be provided for a beginning set/rep scheme, split, etc. for a home workout with an Olympic set and a trap bar would be greatly appreciated. I'm interested in cosmetics right now, but also need to stay fairly lean and flexible.

Thanks in advance for your help!


You have enough equipment to get a hell of a good workout.

I won't outline a whole routine, but here are some exercises that you should think about...

cleans, snatches, overhead squats, trap bar farmers walks, prisoner squats, pinch grip plate holds, front squats, walking with weight overhead, push press

You mentioned that you live in a rural are... surely there are rocks, a wheelbarrow, a sledgehammer nearby. Use your imagination!



I'm guessing the reason that your shoulder is bothering you pressing is because you don't do enough pulling. Emphasize horizontal pull. If you have an Oly bar, I think snatches are great for the external rotators.

Why don't you post a routine, and/or the routine you were doing and we will comment on it?