Help With New Routine?

So my usual routine is a 3 day split (chest+back, bis+tris, legs+shoulders, rest). I have been doing this a while with great results. I slightly plateau with my results but then i took a 1-2 month break from lifting all together. Now im going back into the gym and was wondering what would be most effective, back to the old reliable training program (body was used to it but had a 2 month break completely) or start a new one? and if so, what type? should i change up the splits or go for a complete full body workout? any advise would be appreciated

What are your stats?

Im thinking full body split will be much better for 3day split.

And DEFINATELY, arms do not need their own day.

Why change what was working…?

And I disagree with dankid. It can be very beneficial to have arms on their own day.

I agree… pairing Bi’s and Tris is a technique i employ when i really want them to grow more.

They love it - this is the case for many people too… Its the agonist/antagonist and blood circulation that does it dood.

i agree with why change something that works, the only reason im thinking about switching it up is because i keep reading about how it is important to switch it up as your body gets used to the exercise, although i do have a 2 month break behind me, ive also used this split for just about 2 years before that (on and off, but consistently for the past year). if i start with my old program again will this give plateau effects sooner than if i start a completely new program?

also do u have an example for a full body split thats effective?