Help with New Routine (Newbie)

Hey guys, just wanted to say I love TNation and I have been reading information on it for years but this is my first post. Anyways, I have recently been coming to some problems with my training. I currently can’t add any more weight to my lifts. I’m 17, and I squat 440, deadlift 455, and bench 315x2 (my bench has decreased to 285 however) all at 210 lbs.

Anyways i’ve done 5x5, and smolov Jr and reaped huge benefit from both programs. In between I had just been kinda doing my own thing. Anyways recently I’ve decided to get more serious about powerlifting. Basically my question is what should I do next in order to continue making strength gains. Help really appreciated. Thanks!

not alot of people will say this but stick with the 5x5,3x3,10x3,3x5…etc…i myself have only ran two specialized program, ed coans deadlift and smolov base cycle for squats,everything else since i started liftin has been a linear progression my bests on the 3x3 cycle right now are 525 (3x2)/300 (3x3)paused /500 10x3

point is if its working dont change it, just pick some sets and reps and patiently increase the weights…and once a rep scheme gets worn out lighten the weight and hop to another rep scheme for a bit

extra: its widely believed that ed coan followed a simple (sets x 5) until he began his peaking cycle for a meet, even when he was hittin nasty world records

What’s your primary goal? You mentioned powerlifting; are you trying to get stronger without adding any weight, or are you willing to move up a weight class? What’s your nutrition like? It seems that many people stall when they are no longer willing to gain weight…so that is relevant information. Not saying you can’t get stronger at 210, of course you can, but that might demand some recomping. Also, if you’re 17, are you playing any HS or college sports? That also seems relevant.

Use 45/25/10 lb plates only. Stay in the 3-8 rep range.

Week 1 - start “worksets” at 50% of 1RM for 8 reps. Add weight.
Week 2 - same as week 1 but for 5 reps.
Week 3 - same as week 1 but for 3 reps.

Add weight accordingly each successful set (45/65/95/115/135/155/185/205/225/245/275/ 295/315/335/365/385/405/425/455/475/495 etc.)

Never miss a rep scheme. If the next jump in weight will not allow you to hit the required reps, stop there or do a couple of sets at that weight.
This is just a simple progressive cycle I’ve used in the past. It worked well. Simple and very effective.