Help With New Progrram

So heres the scoop. D2 College football player, coaches program is bullshit, consists of nearly all 15 reps, the guy told me to stop doing my “bodybuilding shit with 3 reps.” another occasion, told me im “too slow because im built like a bodybuilder” (im a damn lineman, i have a damn gut) but i will get to the beef of my question…

6’2’’ 305 lbs. 20ish BF%
19 yrs
lifts (legit)
bench: 415
squat: 700 wrapped
clean: 385
DL: 600

ok, heres what im thinking for my OWN routine
Monday: Cleans
tuesday: run till we throw up
wednesday: bench
thursday: run again till we throw up again
friday: arms
saturday: squat

anybody have suggestions and such? especially for bench? i can get my squat to go up no matter what i do, but my bench and upper body move slow :frowning: and i have to get up at 5:15 am everyday, my main concern is to gain strength, what kind of program/cycle do i need to be on to improve? im scared i will get weaker this offseason!

IMO I would read the article West Side For Skinny Bastards by Joe Defranco on this site that program is perfect for you IMO. Do it along wioth sport specific work and GPP sprints, heavy trie flips carry things, sled work, blocking drills etc.

Also might think about Eric Cresseys off Season manual. either of those is very solid.