Help with New Labs and Estrogen Problems

On 100mg test Total injecting eod

Total test 514 ng/dL range 250-827
Free test 109 pg/mL range 46-224 pg/mL
Test bioavail 229 ng/dL range 110-575
SHBG 18 nmol/L range 10-50
Estrogen sensitive 35 (High) range less than 29

5’8” 190lb about 10 lbs to loose
Been on trt now for 2 years not ever really feeling good
I work out 4-5 times a week and look strong.
I’m constantly hot always wear shorts and t shirt even in winter have a/c set to 65 to not sweat when I sleep.

My problems seem to be estrogen related to me.
I feel bloated.
I have a hard time not tearing up an happy or sad scenes in tv or movies.
Not very good erections even with daily Calais. It works never not able to perform but not as hard as I would like.

I have been thinking of liquid Anastrozole from a research company since my doc won’t prescribe.

Any recommendations for a legit company?
Where should I start with dosage?

I have tried dosages up to 150mg a week but felt worse. I’m on 10mg daily now for a few weeks and feel the best yet but still feeling like I have the same estrogen issues.

Will be getting labs again soon what tests should I run.

Get the fuck outta here with the tearing up at movies bullshit. You’re human and have feelings. You’re some macho guy or something? Got abs? Triceps looking beefy? Goku chest? I bet the answer is no. What you need is a kick in the no longer working nads. Get a grip. Its not your estrogen. Its your state of mind… be a well rounded man, and improve your nitric oxide levels. Be smart not a puss.

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You should try daily injections, it might be enough to make the difference. You might be able to get away with a slightly smaller dosage as well since you are injecting daily and this might decrease your estrogen enough to resolve your issues.

There is nothing abnormal about tearing up during movies, it’s perfectly normal.

I think I’d hold off on commenting on your dose until seeing where you are with your 10mg daily dosing. Maybe you’ll continue to improve with it. I’d re-check everything you have, maybe include DHEA-S and prolactin.

Regarding your emotions, I wouldn’t say you’re normal or not, we’re all wired differently. It seems what you are experiencing is not normal for you. You know yourself, if you’re not the kind of guy that gets emotional easily and now you do, then obviously something is different.

The question is, are you comfortable with it and is elevated E2 responsible? Your E2 is high, relative to your testosterone. Maybe increasing the ratio would help. I wouldn’t be opposed to taking a low dose AI to drop E2 a bit, but would generally lean more towards increasing testosterone.

If you go with anastrozole, I’d take 0.25mg, or less, twice a week.

Edit: Thinking about it, maybe try some DIM. That may help and it’s legal. I’ve seen more than one guy in the office with very high E2 levels using underground placebos. At least the test was legit.

Yes my emotions are not normal right now!
I’m a very cold emotionless person borderline sycopath in my opinion! I’ve had terable relationships, rough childhood, son with medical issues that will not out live me, farm boy so I have killed and eaten all my hand fed animals with names, also had to put down two dogs like old yeller none of this even phased me.

Now I’m holding back tears watching some shitty movie with my wife about the underdogs winning a little girls dance contest? Literally choked up to the point I couldn’t talk! This is just one example it is happening more and more often and is not normal for me at all.

As far as my body build I’m 44yo 190 lbs looking quite jacked thank you but I like staying about 15% body fat not interested in abs and only being 170-175lbs .
I get asked questions by strangers like hey did you used to play pro football, everyone thinks I’m about 30-35yo. Had a 6’5” 250+ guy that my wife tried to talk to at a boat show (to show pics of our boat not hit on) say your husband isn’t going to kick my ass is he. I do feel like I give off that I’m small and mean vibe though!

I have anger issues with disrespectful people in public places like the movies almost been in several fights (until people see me get up) have and will take phones away from people or call them out very rude and loud I can’t handle these self involved people trying to ruin everyone else’s good time.