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Help With New Diet, Post V-Diet

I finished the Velocity Diet and now I am switching it up and need to figure out my new diet. I am 6’1 183 now; lost 34 pounds total in under 3 months, the bulk of it in under a month and a half. I’ve still got some visible fat to lose but I’m not trying to lose weight now, I just want to build lean mass and more importantly strength and let the weight come off more slowly that way.

I’ve gotta give props to the guys at T-Nation for having all of this info available and devising that mad man’s diet to help me drop those pounds, I couldn’t have pulled it off otherwise =) so thanks!

my workout plan:

I will be lifting 3-4 times a week, and doing some fairly intense cardio + ab work on most days off, so exercising around 6 days a week. My lifting workouts are 1.5-2.5 hours and are usually somewhat slow in tempo but I lift heavy relative to my 1RM and mostly do strength training for the olympic lifts, so it is taxing on my body.

When I was V-Dieting an average non lifting day would be like 55g carbs 50g fat 210g protein w/no real cardio, lifting day would be like 100g carbs 55g fat 240g protein w/Surge post-workout, which is like 1500/1850 calories. I only did that for 3-4 weeks and cycled onto it and off of it and just completed the cycle off.

I just started having more whole meals and slowly increasing carb intake when cycling off the diet, not sure on how many extra calories I had on top of the original plan but it wasn’t over 400 most days. It was really ridiculous but rewarding and not as hard as I thought it would be, the pounds just flew off. I was actually finishing the V-Diet while I was traveling in Australia and lost over 10 pounds the 2 weeks I was there =)

Supplements I take are BCAA’s, HOT-ROX for cardio in future, multivitamins, fish oil, glycosomine/chondritin.

With this info in mind what type of macronutrient distribution should I be taking in now? I honestly have no idea but I figure I will just increase the carbs a lot and increase fat a little bit, not sure on total calories since I am so used to eating so little.

any idea on what would be the best plan for this diet?



Tons of people including myself are jumping on the Anabolic Diet. If you don’t mind the carb cycling that comes with it I highly suggest it. It’s not so much of a diet like calorie restriction, basicly tells you your macro breakdowns on days and how to eat depending if you want to achieve weightloss, hypertrophy, or maintainence.

Basicly it is 5 days low carb, high fat, high protein, 2 days, high carb, high protein, low fat. I was on it for a few weeks before my second go around on the V-Diet and really liked it. I’ve never really had days where I felt so good weightlifting.