Help with New Cycle

4 years ago I did my first cycle with only 500 mg testosterone for 9 weeks and I had excellent results. Then I did a cycle of 10 weeks for 2 years with testosterone enanthate (500 mg / week) and nandrolone (400 mg / week), - same cycle equal for 2 consecutive years - but the last cycle did not give me great results (despite a high calorie diet and intensive training)
This year I wanted to do a more powerful cycle in the first 7-8 weeks to get mass and in the final weeks to define and remove water / fat retention.

What do you recommend?

thank you :slight_smile:

Many ways to go in fact. It’s ALWAYS a question of how YOU respond to certain compounds. It also depends how far above your natural limit you are. I won’t give anything exact for those reasons. A good strategy however that always works is this.

Start with a T of some kind and run that for 4 weeks. Add in a 19-nor (NPP/Deca/Tren) for the next 4 weeks, thus you are upping you total dosage as needed and when ready for it. Don’t just start high as it’s unnecessary. Then the last 2-4 weeks you can add in a DHT derivative (Mast,Primo,Var,etc).

I won’t say more because the choices again are up to you/how you react to what/what you can get/etc/etc/etc.

500mg a week may not be cutting it anymore. I ran that on my first cycle, now my TRT dose is 400mg EW and only gets me to the top of the normal range.

Thank you very much for your answer

I would have two other questions…

Do you say to continue with testosterone during the whole cycle (even when adding trenbolone and then a DHT derivative)?

I have never used a derivative DHT, in your opinion, which is better (certainly always intramuscular)? at what dosage do you suggest to start?

Probably yes :slight_smile:
thank you

Run the test throughout. The trinity* stack is certainly a popular one and there’s a reason for that.

*composed of three elements, each with different pharmacodynamics, i.e. a testosterone derivative, a DHT derivative, and a 19-nor derivitive

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good to know that :slight_smile:
now I will do this

IY hit it on the head. You keep adding things as you go because SHBG will continually elevate with each bump in dosage. Yes, some thing bind the SHBG, but even then the body just produces more in attempts to find homeostasis. You only have so many receptors, thus you need to attack secondary systems as well via the other compounds.

As for DHT’s that’s your call. I’m a fan on IM and pretty much think most orals are pointless by comparison, unless speaking to an immediate “visual” effect. Just google those in the DHT-Derivative segment and see what you can get before deciding which you will use.

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Really thank you very much for your valuable advice

In the past I have always used deca as 19-nor, but I was thinking now of switching to trembolone.

As regards DHT-derivatives, Primobolan appears to have a similar effect but a much longer half-life than stanazol and masteron (which would allow only 2 injections per week and not every day). What is your opinion about it?

Well - you said it - my OPINION. Keep that in mind as you gather information from MULTIPLE people… So what I offer is usually a collusion of scientific/anecdotal/personal information.

Anyway, as to DHT’s - I’m assuming you must have access to any/all. So it’s really just a question of cost/side effects/strength desired.

Primo - Expensive but you get what you pay for. Often faked and those who LOVE it often times are using quite a bit of it, which only adds to the expense. Probably the least chance of sides but also why it requires a lot to work well.

Stan - Not a fan simply because of the possible tendon tears and the overall weakness of the compound. Great CNS stimulation however, but sore joints for most.

Mast - I like the “possibility” of it binding SHBG and freeing up test but can be hard on the hair for some. It also comes as enanthate if looking for longer half life. UFC and weight class guys like it for it’s increase in strength/weight ratio.

Var - though an oral is also expensive but easier on hairline just like Primo. Most call it weak, but I think this has more to do with manufacturing and the logic that 20mg Var should somehow equate to X amount of Test.

Anadrol - Yes, another oral, and some can balloon up on this. But those same individuals almost always have a shitty diet too. Some simply love it but it would again be more toxic of the DHT’s.

So it really comes down to what you want to spend and where your priorities lie right NOW. Besides, if you haven’t ever tried the synergy of Test/19-Nor/DHT, any will probably work. And you’ll eventually end up trying them all probably…Come on, you know it’s true.

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You’re definitely right
I did not expect such a detailed explanation.

thanks for sharing your know-how

I’ll keep you in touch :slight_smile:

The problem with primo—and there are a number of them, none of which are related to its effectiveness—is that it does not hold well in higher concentrations. So even the best chemist is not going to get it to hold in much higher than 100mg/ml without causing serious PIP. So a 600mg/w run means six ml of oil injected every single week. Pharma primo is insanely expensive and a 16 week run could easily cost you $1,000. It’s just not an efficient drug despite the fact that the real stuff is (I’m told) absolutely magical.