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Help with New Bloods

Hey guys. Refresher, I was on 100 mg divided in 2 doses when first bloods were taken at peak or close to. Second results were just taken yesterday. I had upped dose to 125 mg a week divided in 2 and these were pulled a little more than just before next injection (around 4 hours) so trough .

How are you feeling? The trough numbers could be higher, but are fine if 125mg is working for you.

No need to order FSH and LH while on testosterone.

Top results are from 125?

Those numbers are great. You are high normal total t AND free t on tRough. Of course need to see how you feel.

If top results were from 100 those numbers are better than injecting 125. Right? Meaning you get better results from injecting less.

Hi Charlie, ya the top numbers are peak on 100 lower numbers are trough on 125. Seems odd. How much higher would they be at peak?z

Not a lot different really. No life changing experiences to speak of lol. Doc gave me a bunch of repeats for bloods from earlier that’s why lh is still being tested.

Not a lot different from when you started, or not a lot different from 100 to 125?

From when I started. With the exception of maybe not as sore body wise anymore.

I don’t expect symptoms relief with Free T midrange, especially if SHBG is low. I didn’t feel nothing injecting 50mg twice weekly, might as well have been injecting water even though levels were very high.

That’s weird why would you not feel anything but levels are high. If you recall I had same issue. I have my thoughts as to why. Curious what you think.

I think I need thyroid help. My doc was focused on that more than trt when I met him. He kept a saying “thyroid is going to help with fatigue and focus”.

My trough levels are almost at my pre trt levels.

And estrogen super low again…

You are going to need moderate injections EOD, we have a few members here who have trouble keeping estrogen elevated, these guys find success on these types of protocols.

What would you suspect my peak levels are if this is my trough? How much higher are they generally?