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Help with Neurotype Results

hi coach can you give me a quick analysis of the results?
|Sub-total “Main”|4|18|33|23|23|
|Sub-Total “Secondaries”|10|18|14|44|34|
|Sub-Total “Other”|11|29|23|28|17|
i always liked to train like 2b ,with some strength work here and there,but i do like variation and i change exersices in a weelky rotation …
am i a 2a acting like 2b under presure or a clear 2b and act like 2a or 3,depending on the situation and/or the stress levels?

I would say 2B but with fairly high acetylcholine which is what makes you crave variation

Thank you very much!i like to mimic my favorite people like a true 2a but sometimes iam too analytical and anxious like type3…i feel like myself when doing bodybuilding work and eat a lot of tasty food.so i guess 2b is really me…does high acetilohiline explains the fact that i have a temper and i get easily irritated by people or when things go wrong i become really angry and take things personaly?in your article( which superhero you are)

i was hulk and he man,so 2a?

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