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Help with Neurotying Test Results (2a/2b)

Hi Coach Thib,

Could you give me a little help in analyzing my test result?

Socially, I am:

  • introverted, soft spoken, hesitant to speak in new groups
  • When younger, post every feeling on social media(maybe for the likes)
  • emotionally detached as I get older
  • easily fall in love
  • pretty good with remembering names and faces
  • I was brought up in a pretty strict family.
  • always doubting and reconsidering my own decisions
  • tends to create worst case scenario in my brain and worry a lot

Training wise, I enjoy:

  • pump work and breaking Rep PR
  • minimalist program in which there are only a few lifts
  • performance based training like plyo, and sprinting and breaking PR.
  • tried GVT and got decent results but was pretty burned out after 2 phases of 4weeks.

In competitions, I am

  • prone to choking and insomnia, even in smaller meets.
  • decent in reflexes and balancing
  • isn’t too good at learning new skills.

Could it be that I am a 2A who is just constantly under stress and taught to be introverted through my upbringing? Or that I am actually a 2B with high acetylcholine?

Many thanks for your time!