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Help with Needle Sizes


I guess it depends how lean you are. The muscle in my leg is very close to the top and very lean … I did .5 and I felt it go into the muscle. Your just going really deep. I guess you could hit bone and that would be it.

Do you have allot of fat and skin… the glute is all muscle for most men as well. You don’t need to inject more than 1”… I’ve never heard of the 1.5 daggers :blush:


Try the 27g it draws up .2 in a second. It’s quick for me. Don’t need to back full or replace needles. Save that money :slight_smile: a whole 5$ a month haha …

I tried the 29 and it doesn’t even pull the dose in… I bought so many not realizing I needed 27

Lesson learned.


Ehh im not the most cut up guy but im not the biggest either lol! Im about 6’2 245 pounds. Had alot of weight due to low T so its coming down.


Before TrT I was 5’9’’ weighing 195. Now after being on TrT for 9 months I am 6’1’’ at 225. TrT has been amazing.


20 gauge 1.5” needle to draw

25 gauge 7/8” needle to inject quads only


Holy cow you grew? Maybe the weight isn’t holding you down anymore.

I gained 10lbs in 2 months … I bet 5 muscle and 5 water.


Do you know what the oil is your using? farkn takes me at least a minute with a 27G on mine and injection is even longer


Grape seed oils legit. Most like it.

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Thanks, will have to check what my pharmacy is using. Farkn painful with my Subq Injections after, thinking about trying to use a 25/26G needle like John C talks about in his video that it disperses better than using a thin needle


I usually pin with a 19G, today it was 21G tho


How’d you grow that much? that’s impossible. I haven’t grown any significant amount since I was about 15.

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Use 27g they work well. Anything past that sucks. Also try warming up the vial in hot water before. Wipe it off and pull.

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Wild I’ll chekc my height but I did gain 20lbs in 3 months. Mostly muscle and lost allot of fat. My new beautiful dress shirts from Europe are now fitting me like a glove…


Are you calling me a liar, sir? I have trolled people for less. Go ahead, make my day.
I swear on a stack of politicians that them numbers are accurate.

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@unreal24278 ——

#sarcasm. Lmao!!

In all seriousness though, shortly after I started TRT I walked past a mirror and I SWORE I saw a red cape flapping in the breeze behind me.


I have been using 23G 1.5” for about a month. Much less pain then a 22G for sure but I think it’s too long for a quad injection. I’m gonna try 25G 1” next and see how that works.


Imagine difference going from a 23G 1.5" to a 29G 1/2" syringe.


Initial gains are fast. Then it plateaus.


Haha 23? Ouch man ouch


just found out my T is coming in Castor oil I’m assuming that’s as think as it gets and hence why I’m having loading problems?