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Help with Needle Sizes

Hey everyone! I currently use 18G 1.5” to draw and 22G 1.5” to administer. I do my injections in my quads and looking to purchase some new hardware. Couple of questions I have tried to search on here but wanted to ask you all.

Is a 1” 23G needle ok to use for quad injections IM? Not sure if 1” is long enough for quad IM injections. I have used 1” 22G before and I think I’m hitting the muscle as I get that feeling in my quad as the needle passes through and of course I aspirate every time before I inject with no problems. But normally, I use a 1.5” and that definitely hits the muscle deep.

Can I use that size needle to draw the medication out as well or should I get something different in size? I have read that with an 18G needle to draw, you could damage the rubber seal and on the bigger 10ml bottles, you could put pieces of that rubber seal into the vial. That’s why I’m thinking of getting a big box of 23G needles is so I can have just 1 type do it all for me. I do plan to swap needle out and not use the same one to draw and administer. Fresh sharp tip always!

Thank you for your help!



Yes to both.

Aspiration isn’t necessary. I’ve never done it in 5 years. Kind of an outdated practice.

Again, I do this and never had a problem. You’re not going to get a piece of rubber to fit up a 23 g needle


Personally, i draw with a 20g x 1" and then I pin with a 30g x 1/2" and haven’t had one issue. I pin everyday, so i like the 29g or 30g the most. I also only pin my quads and delts, so there’s not much fat there to stop that half inch needle from getting into the muscle. This is just me though and I’m not a medical professional. I just figure I’m doing something right, as I’ve had zero pip from 12 week DHB blasts, no infections, not even a lump.

I have pinned quads and delts as well as sub q stomach. I prefer a 27 gauge 1/2" for quads and delts. I think it’s the perfect gauge for injecting testosterone. No pain. No pip. Smooth and easy.


Thank you all for your help! I tried a 25G but damn it takes forever to put a CC IM in a quad! 22G for me no issues except the initial piercing feel at the skin and the muscle kinda sucks so im wondering if 23G will help a bit. I may just use 22G that I got here to draw and 23G to administer.

31g right into the sack for the best gains. Gotta confuse the balls, right babe.


I use 1” 25g all the way around, drawing and pinning. I only inject .25cc at a time and it flows just fine for me, quads or glutes. I don’t do delts but if I did I would probably keep the same gauge and go down to a 1/2” needle.

The larger gauge needles will damage the silicon in the vial after a few draws, but if you’re injecting a full ml at a time, you may not be reusing the same vial very long so may not be an issue.

I use 18 to draw and 23 to pin in glutes

I use same insulin needle for drawing and pinning 27G, 1/2"


18 g draw like a damn garden hose! It’s worth it to me

Anyone have a good site I can purchase 23G 1.5" and 21G 1.5" hardware?

GPZ medical

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1.5 is kinda long brother. I use 1” for all my pinning

I mean does the needle need to go that deep to make the medication effective? I used a 1.5" needle and noticed that feeling of it going in the muscle start around the 1" spot. So adding a .5" more would make it get in there more so the medicine doesnt leave the area im trying to pin in. Am I right saying this or please correct me!

Those numbers sound painful. Good god. I was 27g subq and muscular. 27g pulls the liquid without heating it and you won’t pass out from jabbing yourself with a pipe.

Its not that bad guys lol! What the hell you all doing? I can do 22G no problems! I get a little pinch of pain but thats it. You all sound like your stabbing yourself with a knife lol!!

While admittedly rare, this actually has happened.

I believe you but I’ll stick with the rare probability in exchange for the ease of drawing with an 18 g

Technically, you want the oil/Test to disperse and be absorbed into the blood stream. Unless your body fat is high, you probably don’t need the extra 1/2”