Help with Neck Stiffness/Pain

I’ve complained about my neck quite a bit on various threads, but it’s getting quite intolerable lately.

My neck always feels like there’s something pulling down/sore on it and also feels stuck.
The only relief I get is from cracking it.

It’s especially bad at night and I usually spend a lot of time trying to find a comfortable position and wake up in the middle of the night to crack it or shift around because it hurts → poor sleep quality

Things I’ve tried (that didn’t’ work):

  1. switching pillows-
  2. neck stretches/yoga
  3. not looking at the phone when walking
  4. improving posture w/ lots of upper back work

Things I haven’t tried (but can’t afford)

  1. regular massage
  2. Chiropractor
  3. some other device

Anyone have any tips/suggestions?

If you are using a weighted vest, stop that.

Also maybe try some neck bridges.

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Probably a good idea- I’ve been relying on weighted walks as easy cardio (jogging hurts knees, don’t have other equipment). The place I’m staying has an eliptical.
With that said, my neck didn’t feel much better when I wasn’t doing weighted walks regularly either (before COVID shutdown shit)

will do

You probably weren’t doing anything to rehab it though, huh?

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I’ll give neck bridges a shot and use the elliptical (while I have access)

Hi anna, Have you been to the doctor to make sure you don’t have something seriously wrong?
Do you think its a pulled muscle or over worked muscle? slipped disc, bone spur, compressed disc, whiplash? Lots can go wrong with ones neck.

A sleep neck collar is dirt cheap. Don’t get one too tall. Better to go shorter.

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I got some imaging done a few years back. Everything is apparently “normal”- a bit of joint inflammation but apparently 90% of ppl have this (according to a dr. in China)

will check this out!

I’ve been going to my chiro for years. More recently been interspersing this with physio (which includes dry needling) - omg it’s amazing. Can see myself transitioning away from chiro altogether and just hitting up the physio for niggles.

Recent trap issues here resulting in pain up the back of the neck into headaches.

I’d suggest a physio and dry needling (if it’s an injury or tear or similar?). Then some proper rest or just some lower body stuff to let things settle down and heal.

Could seek out an osteopath that might be able to help too…

Try different pillows, mattresses… stretch, foam roll, meditation… the list could go on forever. Keep trying different things.

No one solution fits all I’m afraid!

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I did a stint of acupuncture for a while and that didn’t help

I think a chiro and/or physio might be a good idea but insurance doesn’t help

@hrdlvn I looked online and think that if something is wrong, it’s probably cervical arthritis- the symptoms match.

anna you mentioned China. I assume you live there? Do they have HRT clinics? My wife (62) has had arthritis and osteoporosis for the last 8 years and was in constant pain. I have been with an anti aging clinic for almost 8 years I am 67. 4 years ago for one of her birthday presents I bought her a female HRT blood test panel and asked her to please humor me and just see what they find.
When the test came back it was very bad and scared us both. I immediately asked and offered to pay for a HRT/antiaging consult and any drugs they recommended. Now 4 years later she has no arthritis pain her bone density has gotten thicker year after year and her mood and energy are off the charts. Anyway something worth thinking about.

I don’t trust that doctor that says 90% of people have inflammation in the neck bad enough to cause consent pain. Time to find a new doctor.

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how much time do you spent each day hunched over a computer ?

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Yeah, but my hormone levels aren’t low enough to qualify and I’m only 20

Apparently the inflammation wasn’t bad enough to explain the pain. Will get it rechecked though

I spend about 5-6 hrs/day on the computer but I use a standing desk with the screen at eye level so I’m forced to keep my head in a neutral positions. I also take a 10min break each hour

How much time on the couch looking down at your phone in your lap ? I have a compressed disc and calcification of the vertebras in my neck from on old motorbike accident and my neck pain is almost always as a result of how much time I spend hunched over. A good massage combined with lots of light movement, walking, swimming and the odd hot bath usually sort mine out. You sleep position combines with mattress and pillow combination can also effect it.
I have also seen a correlation to work or life stress in general and neck pain, seems like when ever I am tense about something I feel it in my neck.

Try these. The key is lots and lots of frequency, like 10 reps every hour on the hour. See how you feel after a week. McKenzie Method: Cervical/Neck Retraction - YouTube

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none. I don’t sit on the couch (or very much in general)

I sleep on my side, but I have a hard time sleeping on my back, feels like I’m getting crushed for some reason

I’ve found that harder mattresses are better for me. I’ve recently taken to sleeping on the floor/ on a wood board- game changer but not a solution

yeah… I tested 12 pillows before settling on the one I have right now

I’ve noticed this too, but now that it’s summer and I don’t have work the pain is still there