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Help With My Workout!!


I just started working out and taking HOT-ROX after not working out for 16 months after my girlfriend and I having our son. I was pretty built and weighed 235 now I am up to 265lbs. Is there anything such as certain reps and things I can do along with the HOT-ROX and proper diet to get back to where I was? Also is it safe and will it help inprove anything if I take Amino Fuel with the HOT-ROX? Any advice would help.

Thanks in Advance


Just work out. I would think that any TBT would be good. One key is gradually decreasing your food intake. If you cut your food intake too radically, you will probably lose more muscle than fat.


Remember the Cardio. I feel what your going through. I was going to a local gym that I just didn't like so I quit. After being out for almost 12 months I went back to my old gym. I gained some weight myself. My advice would be to stick with the HOT-ROX and step up your Cardio. Also, drink plenty of water. HTH


Since you haven't been training for 16 months, I would start with Coach Chad Waterbury's Next Big 3 WITHOUT the HOT-ROX. This would include 2 days of lifting weights and 3 days of HIIT. I'd do this for anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

For the first 2 weeks I'd also "clean" up my diet. For example, I would drink more water (aiming for 1 gallon a day), include more green vegetables (with a bias towards broccoli), eat a breakfast consisting of oatmeal cottage cheese bananas blueberries EVERY morning, and start minimizing crap foods (basically any foods not made in your kitchen and foods coming from boxes and packages, except oatmeal).

After those 2 weeks, then I'd probably try and clean up my diet a bit more and maybe start counting the evening calories. I'd also make my dinners always be some type of meat, green vegetables, and olive oil.

This would bring you 4 weeks into the Next Big Three. Then I'd probably use Chad's Get Lean Without Dieting for another 4-8 weeks. During this time I'd maintain a clean diet without cutting calories (maybe slightly increasing them). At the 4 week mark I'd start using the HOT-ROX with the minimal dosage (just to start with). After a good 4 more weeks of Chad's GLWoD, I'd maybe take a week off.

Then for about 4 weeks I'd do something along the lines of Pavel's 2x5 method (that he writes about in his Power to the People book for) with the goal of increasing my strength in all muscle groups. Together with the PTP I would do HIIT and start CT's Carb Cycling.

After 4 weeks of PTP and HIIT (or however long it takes to reach a desired 5RM for your chosen exercises) I would do Chad's Outlaw Strength and Conditioning. The new strength you built from the 2x5 cycle should definintely shred you up by the end of the OSC's 7 weeks (adjusting food intake as needed).

Just some ideas. Hope this helps.