Help with my Workout Routine

So im 16 and new to lifting, im pretty weak so i want to gain some strength and obviously size. i want to start a 3 day full body split focusing on compound movements however as i am new i am unsure what to do and whether my programme is any good, my programme is:
Monday-bench press, barbell row, Arnold press, lunges
Wednesday-flyes, DB single arm row, OHP, squats
Friday- bench press, barbell rows, lateral and front raises, deadlifts
I could also do abs at the end of workouts
I haven’t included any specific arm work as i feel my arms will get enough stimulation from moments such as the row and bench press
So is my routine ok or shit?
Any advice is appreciated

best advice I can give you is to hire a coach or to look up, read, and follow a time tested program for beginners to the T. Personally if I could start all over id follow the squats and milk program but with better nutrition haha

16 and new to training and writing your own program?
There are probably 1,000 programs on this site…why would you venture out on your own? Pick one and do it.

Run through a bunch of Dan John programs, start with this…