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Help ... with my wife

My wife and I are working out together at home. Her goals are not the same as mine so I am a little confused as what to have her do. She has never really worked out except on machines at the Y. Right now I am having her do 2x10 on squats, bench, and rows and will am planning on slowly adding more as she get the form down. She is 5’10 about 145lb and is right more interested in trimming excess fat (which I do not think she has) over any strength gains. Any suggestions…especially from the T-Vixens!

Mitch Green

Have her read the T-vixen rountable articles. Here they are

Women are more apt to take advice from other women I’ve noticed.

Hey, Mitch. Guy or gal, it’s pretty much the same game. She’s wanting to put on some muscle and strip fat. It boils down to diet/nutrition and working out.

Take a look at T-Dawg 2.0, probably my favorite diet here on T-Mag.

As far as rep/set schemes go, consider alternating; i.e., 3x10 and 10x3. She’ll end up with harder muscles and more strength.

As far as exercises go, just be sure to focus on the compound mutlti-joint exercises if not exclusively, to a very large degree. You and she will get more bang for the buck that way.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good man! You’ve got her doing squats!

(Once again, for those of you who haven’t heard me preach this before, the government should mandate that all females in this country be taught to squat, and squat deep, at the age of 12. Thank you). :slight_smile:

<In Patricia’s voice> For the 10,000th time, women should train toward their goals using the same methods as men!

Chad’s ABBH and some HIIT is a great combo.

At her height and weight…her diet must be the main issue, cause there is no way she is overweight, but perhaps has a layer of adipose that could be burned off. The skinny-fat phenom from too many carbs and not enough protein and lifting.

Iron Maiden you exactly right! When we meet 8 years ago she weighed 120-125 bone rack, she is much healthier now!


Mitch, I gather if you’re bumping the thread that you didn’t get the information for which you were looking. Can you give us a better idea of what you want?

Have her keep a food log for about ten days so that we can see what she’s eating. Then we can make some suggestions.

If she’s not willling to do that, then sorry, but she’s not serious about losing the weight/changing her bodycomp. Best just to nod your head and make supportive noises.