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Help with my Training Program



This is my first thread on T-Nation, have been reading the articles for a long time but today I registered on the forum.

Im a 24, 5,9ft 205 pounds and training a couple of years.
I have some goals for the winter when it comes to strength ( like 5x 440 deadlift , 290x5 bench , 330x5 squat (yee I know it sucks)

Anyhow, I need help with my training program, i have read How to Design a Damn Good Program by Christian Thibaudeau several times. And tried different programs, but I want feedback on the program i uses...

I train the whole body twice a week and have splitted it up in 2 parts.
Chest, shoulders, triceps
2 days rest

  • bench, incline, flyes , shoulderpress,side lateral , skull crushers
  • deadlift,barbell row , chins, squat (easy),quads, barbell curl
    the next workout for chest,shooulders,triceps are the same just changing som exersizes. The one for the back and legs is like: squat ("heavy) , stiff legged deadlift, cable row, chins, dumbell curl.

Total set for the bodyparts a week is like, chest : 16 , back: 16, legs : 16 shoulders: 10 triceps: 8 biceps: 6

I eat quit strict like :
outmeal + shake
chiken + breed+salad
tuna + outmeal
whey + carbs (after workout)
tuna + outmeal
around: 3300 kcal total.

Yee i know its a long thread, and my english sucks.. anyway , I would really been happy for some advice and tips to reach my goals that are basicly getting bigger. My long term goal is to be about 220 in the same physic like i am now.

Is the training to much ?


Your training looks fine to me. Just keep progressing and change what doesn't work over time.

But a helpful enlgish critique from one T-Nation member to another, I think you mean oatmeal, not outmile? :slight_smile:


Hehe yes spelling error :slight_smile:
Thanks for your answar.

I have read the how to design a damn good program article , and one of the programs he recomanded for traning when your goal is size was a 4 split like

Day 1: Chest/Back
Day 2: Recovery
Day 3: Biceps/Triceps
Day 4: Quads/Hamstrings
Day 5: Recovery
Day 6: Anterior and lateral delts/Rear delts
Day 7: Recovery

And im wondering if that would be better for gaining size. I just want to find a rutine thats works and stick to it. It shouldnt be difficult but it is.


The second is a better for size because it has more volume per part and more rest within each week.

I think the main thing to keep in mind when going for size is to make sure you're progressing (adding more weight, reps or setts) and that your weight is going up slowly. If those two things are happening, you're solid.


True true. So what do you guys think about that split with these exersices.

Bench 4 set (pyramide) , deadlift 4 set (pyramide)
incline 3x10 , barbell row 3x10
flyes 3x12 , chins 3x12

closegrip bench 4 set (pyramide), barbell curl 4 set (pyramide)
skullcrusher 3x10 , barbell curl 3x10
pushdown 3x12 , hammercurl 3x12

Squat 4 set (pyramide) , 3x8 set stiff leged deadlift
leg extensions 3 x10 , lying leg curls 3x10
calf raise 4 set

barbell shoulderpress 4 set ( pyramide)
arnold press 2x8
dumbell side lateral 3x10
dumbell real lateral 2x12

im not used to train biceps and triceps so much, but maybe its worth a try.



I started logging my workouts on the forum Monday, so if any of you guys want to take a look and come with tips and advice your more then welcome :smiley:

You find the log here.