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Help with My Thyroid Lab Test

I would like to add t3 to my cycles/trt.

I did a lab test to see where my levels are. I was thinking about 25 mcg everyday since my natural T3 isn’t that high.
25 mcg would be a replacement dose which would put me on the higher range of reference.
What do you guys think. I have a very hard time to stay lean.

Here is the lab test.

You could try it. It won’t shut you down like testosterone, so if it isn’t helping you can just stop.

Just be careful because it is catabolic, you will lose muscle if you take too much.

Split up your dose to twice a day.

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I tend to interfere with threads/questions that isn’t open-minded.

Why fix something that isn’t broken? 25 mcg won’t do any significant difference.

You should seek answers elsewhere. How is your sleep? How do you eat? How do you train? Do something differently with any of these items, and you will get a different result.

Your T3 level isn’t the reason for this.

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I lost my fat once I went off of t3 at 25mcg. Just a coincidence though. My reverse t3 was high. That’s the reason I started t3. Fat loss comes down to a lot more than thyroid imo.