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Help with my Swiss Ball

I recently picked up a used Swiss ball from a friend. I ended up moving, so i deflated the ball. So today I went to inflate it, and I realized that it doesn’t have a normal valve, like the type on a football or soccer ball. The valve is a really big hole that doesn’t have any screw “lines” to insert a hose into.
I have no idea what to use to inflate it! Can anybody help? Its a Gymnastik brand ball. 65 cm size.
I’ll probably write to the manufacturer as well…

My Swiss ball came with a special little piece of plastic to help with that.

You need an attachment that will blow air like water sprayer does with water. You hook it up to an air compressor(the kind you fill up tires with). The attachment that fills tires is different than the one you need but you can change them out, what you need has a little handle on it and just blows air out a little valve. Try going to a car repair shop and tell them the situation, ask them if they have the attachment(a place a worked for had one). Or you could go to a convenient store or car wash place that has air compressors where you fill up your tires or vacuum your car, ask them if they have the part or if you can take off the current one and put the one you need on, but you’ll then have to buy it at a building store. Your last, option is to come down to Austin, Tx and I’ll fill it up for you, you lazy bastard. j/k, hope this helps.

check your local gym equipment store. If they sell swiss balls, they’ll also have adaptors to inflate them. If your gym has swiss balls, just bring yours in and they should inflate it for you. If those two options fail, go to the website of the company…I’m sure they sell adaptors or special pumps to inflate their products.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I’ll try World Gym and see if they’ll help me out. If not, I’ll try to find out who sells Swiss balls in the area.
Worst case scenario, I’ll buy it online.

Hey Nathan, Ijust might take you up on that! My buddy just got stationed in Ft. Hood, and I want to go visit him soon. He says Austin rocks.

um…a little swiss ball advice… you know how the class instructors always put all the balls in the corner at the end of class? well, should you ever get the urge to play ‘dodge ball’ with them keep in mind that ceiling fans don’t hold up well when caught in the cross fire (not that i would know anything about that… hey i didn’t start it! grin)