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Help with My Squat

Feel like depth is bad and would like some tips on how to improve it along with some general pointers:

Doesn’t look too bad to me at all. In my opinion your problems are fairly straightforward - you look like you have a pretty low bar placement, you are sitting back pretty far, and you are letting your chest drop and come way forward. All inter-related. I would a) move the bar up a little bit on your back. b) work on keeping your chest up, which will probably mean you have to sit back less and “down” more. Let your knees come a little bit more forward, but mainly just focus on keeping your torso more upright, throughout the movement. Notice how when you unrack/before you squat, you are already leaning fairly forward with your torso. I think the higher bar placement and focusing on keeping your chest up and your belly forward will help with that. It also might help you with depth - BUT, if it doesn’t you probably need to do some mobility work in order to be getting low enough.

But that’s just my advice. The way you are squatting isn’t bad at all. Maybe a touch high and your hips start to shoot on the last rep but otherwise not bad. I just think if you make the changes I suggested, it will be better in the longrun.

Thank you so very much. I’ll definitely look into my bar placement and think about keeping a better posture.