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Help With My Speed & GPP Regime


I need help putting together a speed and gpp program. I am currently 85 kgs at 5ft10
and roughly around 18% bodyfat. I have been bulking recently and have made gains on my main lifts but feel that i have put on too much fat. My current lifts are Bench 86kg 1RM Deadlift 140kg 1RM (run out of weight but i did not have a way of checking my technique.Could of been good could of been shit. felt ok.)

Squat 115kg 3RM
Shoulder press 60kg 1RM
6 Chin ups ( i used to be able to do 3 x 10 when i was lighter )

I am going to start the one lift a day program structured like this
Mon Bench
Tue Deadlift
Thu Squat
Fri Sh Press
Sat Chins

I am also going to start boxing on a wednseday and i have a friendly game of football( soccer to you lot ) on a sunday which lasts about 2 hours.
My goals are to gain strength and lose body fat. I want to improve my speed but i feel that my speed will improve as a result of losing body fat.

Basically how would you guys suggest i incorparate energy system/gpp work in to my training.

If anyone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated


how come you are choosing OLAD? my suggestion would be to follow a WS4SB-athletes type program where you can incorporate running and lifting. Also, the boxing and soccer might hinder your speed efforts. Plyometrics could be useful here....what sport exactly are you training for?


WBS or 5x5 would be good...

Fotr energy system work, I'd suggest you do interval sprints.


Thanks for your suggestions. The sport i play is rugby. I am currently in the off season so i rearly want to boost my strength and speed. However there are so many good programs on this sit that i am not sure which one to choose. As i previously said i could do with losing a bit of body fat because i can feel it hampering my mobility when sidestepping etc.


You read my mind-I am also working on getting faster without losing strength.

I'm doing a full body 5x5 workout that I made and do 20 mins of b-ball with 4-5 50-yard dashes on my off days.Soccer wouldn't help you in speed and might hinder your strength.Your body doesn't respond well to strength training and endurance training(soccer,i love it too,but it wont help) at the same time.


Thanks for the advice people. However soccer is staying in the program simply because me and my mates have now started a team and are going to play every sunday and i enjoy playing.
Also while it requires a good base of aerobic endurance it is not only an endurance sport. I have to do lots of short sprints in the game and many jumps to header the ball clear plus those short but intense moments when the blood goes to your head and you steam in to about five tackles in a row then sprint off to join the play ( there is nothing slow and steady about those parts of the game.) Also i think it is a great way to train dynamic flexibility, coordination, mobility and agility while having fun and competing.