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Help with my Restart

Hey all, I’ve posted on here before, but never posted labs. I’m posting today because I’m really frustrated at this point and need some advice. Long story short, I’ve never gotten a great boost from my HRT protocol. The Dr. that I went to wasn’t out for my best interests. This was his protocol back 5/1/14:
200mg Test Cyp one shot per week
1 mg letro eod.

I never really felt great, libido was all over the board, and never as good as consistent as before HRT. BP was spiked, lipids went crazy, and ED issues all the time, (and i never had ED issues before besides whiskey #$ck). Had several labs done in the past but could never find a real silver bullet. I might also add that i am under the impression that I may be an AI overresponder both letrizole and Anastrazole crashed my E2, or so I thought. I took it upon myself and other people on this forum to lower T dose and HCG and change to 2 weekly injections totalling 150 instead of 200mg. HCG would go to every 3rd day.

I’m not sure if I just didn’t wait long enough or what, but I started having really bad ED about 6 weeks after my protocol change.(See bloodwork at this point) So, i decided to go to a reputable south FL Ant-Aging dr. He has me on a restart PCT of 50mg Clomid ED for 21 days. When I started this protocol about 6-7 days in I was amazed!!! Libido was off the charts not everyday but most for about 7-10 days best spurt I’ve had since on any form of HRT, but as all good things it has come and gone. It’s been a week of ED issues and some insomnia but not real bad. Mood is good, no real brain fog other than wondering if my sexual function will ever be like it was before HRT. I’m almost done with PCT but wondering if I should do a restart.

Here are my Labs from 6 weeks after lowering test from 200 a week to 150 per week.
LH— 0.1 miu/ml 1.7-8.6
TT-- 547 ng/DL 348-1197
Free T- 17.4 pg/ml 7.4-42.6
E2------ 28.8 pg/ml 7.6-42.6 Roche ECLIA methodology
TSH 1.73 uiu/ml .45-4.5
T4 6.8 ug/dl 4.5-12.0
T3 uptake 38 % 24-39%
Free Thyroxine index 2.6 1.2-4.9
Triiodothyronine, free, serum 3.2 pg/ml 0-4.0
All Chemistries are in good range
Blood is in good range i.e hematocrit 46%
Total Cholestrol 191
Tri G 151
HDL 39

I don’t understand restart PCT where intending to continue injecting testosterone or continuing to inject at quite substantial amount.

At 150 mg testosterone per week plus HCG, LH recovery cannot be expected. So I don’t understand calling it a restart or really PCT as this isn’t simply post-cycle.

Are you instead aiming for an ongoing testosterone + HCG protocol, with aromatase inhibitor as needed?

Or are you trying to restart natural production including LH production?

Sorry about confusion. I stopped all test injections when I started PCT og 50 mg Clomid daily.

Update have tweaked my Clomid dose and after about a week of EOD, got a little dialed in. I’m now doing 50mg every 3 days and feel great. Was suppose to end PCT but I’m thinking of doing Clomid mono therapy at 50 mg Every 3 days. Thoughts ?

If follow up labs support your results with this, that may prove a reasonable idea.

If planning to use for years on end, I’d consider switching to toremifene as there could be very slight risk to really long term Clomid use (for this reason, long term preventive use of tamoxifen has fallen into disfavor.) I consider the risk/benefit ratio very, very favorable for PCT use of Clomid, but am not sure about on risk/benefit for using 52 weeks a year, decades on end.

I’ll post updates and/or repost my protocol.
Maybe I’ll be able to balance my dosage based on negative
Sides better than when I was using cypionate test. I just could never
Get it balanced, but the clonus shows some promising