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Help with My Protocol

My trt protocol was 125 mg weekly injections. felt only goodif i took arimidex.
I am sick of those AIs since its really hard for me to controll it. And i am sick of my bloated face all the time. So i changed my protocol froom 125 to 100mg. Monday 50mg thursday 50mg. NO AI!

Peak Bloodwork
This bloodword was done one day after my injection.

My numbers with new protocol:

Total Testosterone; 8,82 HIGH Reference: 2,50 - 8,40
SHBG 19,2 Reference: 18-54
Free Androgen Index: 159! HIGH Reference: 36 -104
E2: 49 High Reference: 11 - 43
Free testosterone has not arrived yet. i think tomorrow. i will post it as soon as i get it. But i am quite sure its high…

on Monday i will get the second blood work from the day before the next Injection. Then i will have a clear picture of whats going on.

I am horny like shit on this protocol. Morning errections constantly. But i am moody kinda depressed all the time and very aggresive. Seeing my E2 number i dont wonder why…

I am thinking about switching to 50 mg trt. monday 25mg thursday 25 mg. The numbers should go down quite a bit right almost half.
What do you guys think?

There isn’t a one to one dose vs lab result.

Most on TRT without an aromatase inhibitor have E2 levels much higher with some as high as 100. Mine runs from the 50s to the 70s. To me 50mg a week is way too low of a dose to be beneficial.

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Thnx for the response.

i know that 50mg could be low. But if you see the numbers on my peak day which are over the range and the free androgen index as well so my free T (which i get tomorrow) will be over the range as welll.
I think that if i reduce the dose to half i would peak at 400 with a free t in the upper middle range or maybe on the higher side of the range…And my E2 should be in the 20-30s…

the best case scenario would be to reduce the dose to 70 mg. I think with that dose i would be in the upper range of free and Total.
But if 50 mg does the work why not…

You need to pay less attention to the “range”.

However, nothing wrong trying a lot of different dosing to see what you like.

Of course. If this is a concern of yours, take very small, daily, injections. Or, even scrotal cream applied twice daily.

ah forgot to say E2 was not a sensitive test. We dont have this test in europe…anyways over the range in europe

That does not matter.

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Maybe go down to 80. 40 two times a week. 20 mg is a big difference when doing this much.

Btw when did you switch protocol to 100? If less than 4 weeks I would give more time.

This would be a mistake, this just isn’t enough. You need to make smaller changes, more like 40mg twice weekly. I also feel overly aggressive when level hormones are too high.

You should be testing at trough just before your injection, not at peak or within 48 hours.

I switched 3 weeks ago…I know that I should give it more time. But I guess E2 will not change much more. I think it will stay on 49.
The thing is, i am not concerned about numbers. I just don’t feel good even tho my libido is great I have E2 Symptoms. And I want to be in the middle range.
if I switch to 50 mg instead of 100 and I don’t feel good after couple weeks like libido, energy etc. I will switch to 70 mg.

The good news is that I know everything under 100 mg reduces my E2. And i can go from 50 to 80 later…

Sorry for my bad english guys

Sorry can’t edit my posts because the have to get approved so again. I can try the 50 mg and see if I lose my bloated face and If I don’t feel good after couple weeks I will switch to 70 and see what happens

I hear you. To be honest I don’t need to be on the upper range. I just want to stay on a healthy level between my cycles. I was on 250 couple years ago. Felt awful. No surprise since I have more free test with my shbg. Also tried 150. Same. 125. A little bit better. With 100 I felt great in Terms of libido but still had the E2 Problems. Switched to 2 injections a week and felt much better.

So I understood that I probably feel good if my levels are not that high

I did. On Monday I will get the results of the day before the next injection. Day 3 ( Thursday )

That’s not really a high number, especially since test is above range as well.

Yes I know. I am very lean and I take care of my diet. I was surprised that the number was not sky rocket high.
But it is over the lab range and confirms my E2 Symptoms

You could be right. When I went from 115 to 140 a week my testosterone stayed essentially the same but e2 went high by 10 points causing issues I believe.

I will give it 50mg a try and see how I feel. Thnx guys

Posted 2 weeks ago about my labwork but i only had the labwork of peak day.
Now i got my thru labs and something is very strange.

my shots: Monday and Thursday. 100mg a week
First blood test one day after my injection.

Total T: 8.82 2,50-8,40
Shbg: 19,2 18-54
Free androgen index: 159 …104
E2: 49 11-43
Free testosterone: 27,68 6,30-17,80

Free test is high but i felt good.

Now the thru numbers taken 2 days later (thursday before next injection. Take a look at E2!

Total T: 7,95 Upper range
Free test: 25,97 Still very High
E2: 74!!! WTF

How is this even possible? on my peak e2 was 49 one day after injection.
Thru BEFORE next injection 74???
Must be lab mistake right? I just dont understand that. it should be somewhere around 20…

now i am on 50 mg a week since two weeks and i feel very good. will try rhis for a couple weeks and test again. Free test must be in the upper middle range on that protocol.
Can you help me with the e2? whats going on there?

The reason why you are seeing these results is because you are testing at the wrong time, peak occurs closer to 48 hours (2 days) and by testing one day after your injection, your testosterone and estrogen peak is just around the corner.

Also estrogen always follows testosterone meaning estrogen peaks sometime after testosterone peaks. So by testing one day after your injection you basically wasted your money and got a premature result and had you tested on day two, estrogen would have been higher.


Oh so you think it’s normal? Ok thanks.
So seems like that my free is way above to grt good E2 results in terms of well being.
I reduced it to 50 mg per week now. Should I still have water retention. That’s it for me. The I am out. No way that I switch to daily injections.

Your hormones are unstable, I expect symptoms as a result. I also expect your hormone levels to tank in several weeks and symptoms of low-T to return at the 50mg weekly dosage.

That’s what I said in the beginning, then I got tired of feeling like shit and it was either symptoms or feeling better. These 29 gauge insulin syringes aren’t so bad, don’t really feel anything when injecting except for the oil going into the muscle tissue.