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Help with my PCT. In Serious Doubt

Hi guys. I’m about to be done with my first cycle. I ran test E 500mg/wk for 12 weeks and it has been very succesful, just as expected.

When i started the cycle i couldn’t get my hands on HCG so i decided to just go with the old fashion way with nolva and clomid pct.
Today i just got 10000iu HCG and the dude i got it from told me i still could use it on pct with nolvadex. I see a lot of opinions on this topic but can’t seem to get to a conclussion.

I’m taking my last injection on thursday, how should i proceed now? Should i include the HCG in the time gap between last injection and before pct?
Would really like your opinion on this

Bump. Please need some help here…

So hCG is good on cycle or TRT because it keeps your testes functioning to some degree of “normal” while you’re on exogenous testosterone. It (theoretically) helps maintain fertility and prevents testicular atrophy. But now you’re practically done with your cycle, so you won’t get those benefits from it after the fact. I know some guys preach about using it in big bursts at the end of a cycle, but I haven’t seen any data that suggests that such a plan is any more effective than traditional pct. As such I would say you simply save it for your next cycle and just run your pct as planned. But that’s just my opinion. You’ll get six differing views on this topic. No real consensus exists as far as I can tell.

Okay that might be the reason i can’t find a final answer… I should be fine with taking Nolva two weeks after last shot at 40mg/40mg/20mg/20mg a week for four weeks right?

That’s all I used after my first cycle for a PCT. Recovered very quick. Everyone is different and I was also 20 years old. how old are you?

The sticky in the TRT forum advises 250iu HCG EOD until you start the nolva.

Im 23 years old

Well im thinking of running 250-500io/eod HCG for 10 days after my last injection and after that storting a 40/40/20/20mg nolva PCT. Does this Sound fine? Also how do i split up the HCG? Only got 1 ml of bacteriostatic water per 5000iu.