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Help With My Order Please

Ok, so I’m gonna make my first order from the Biotest store. I’m a beginner, weight 180lbs bf 19% (highly inaccurate), 20yo, 6’, and I’m not new to weights. My problem is that I live in Israel, so I want to make a big batch that will be enough for a few months. My main needs are fishoil and protein powders. But I might want to get other supplements.

I read here and there about Creatine, will I need it in the next few months? my diet is dialed in and I am training to one of Waterbury’s programs. I would also like to get HOT-ROX at some point to help me lose weight. And maybe BCAAs as well. I know I might be overkilling, but I don’t want to recieve my order wishing I put X and Y in as well. My budget is about 350$ without shipping.

Thanks alot for all the help I really appreciate it.

Stick with the basics until you need something “special” when you are trying to cut fat.

For now, I would recommend a large order of Metabolic Drive and/or Grow! Whey protein, Surge and Flameout.

Creatine is optional. It’s cheap enough that you could go ahead and order a couple bottles to hold you over for a while. You really only need 5 grams per day, so the one bottle should last you 100 days.

I would save the HOT-ROX until you are ready for a cutting cycle and have already spent time dialing in your diet and training perfectly for several weeks beforehand. Once you’ve spent 4-8 weeks on the beginning of your cutting cycle (slowly lowering calories each week and adding more cardio/GPP), then I would add HOT-ROX.

Thanks alot for the great info :smiley: So I would go Surge para workout and Metabolic Drive during the meals when I need a bit more protein, then?
Does Creatine make a difference?

Surge is strictly post-workout. If you workout hard four times a week, each bottle will last one month.

Metabolic Drive can be used however you wish! As part of a meal, as a snack, at night, in the morning, etc.

Personally, I try to get as much whole food as I can and get my protein from eggs, chicken, beef, fish, cottage cheese and then I use Metabolic Drive to fill in the gaps (usually as a snack with other food) and sometimes as a meal (when I make a Super Shake a la John Berardi and Precision Nutrition). I’ve cut back on how much I use each day so it will last longer by eating more whole food. So I use only 1-2 scoops per day.

Creatine works according to the research. I have used it off and on for more than 12 years, and I’m someone who doesn’t respond to it (at least nothing noticeable). I don’t get huge pumps or gain a lot of weight (water in muscles), and I don’t notice anything extra when using it.

But I still use it because it has been proven to help in a variety of ways, even if I can’t “feel” it. And it’s cheap enough that I’ll take the chance.

There are other supplements I won’t buy because they are expensive and you can never tell if they really work or if it’s a placeabo effect or just hard training and good nutrition. :wink:

Ok so this is what I came up with:

Metabolic Drive Low-Carb MRP Flavor: Chocolate $27.99 3 $83.97
Micronized German Creatine, 500 g $12.99 1$12.99
Metabolic Drive Surge Recovery Drink, 16 servings Chocolate $29.99 1 $29.99
Metabolic Drive Surge Recovery Drink, 16 servings Original $29.99 3 $89.97
Flameout Inflammation Scavenger, 90 softgels $26.99 3 $80.97

Good order. And the flavors you chose are good (especially for Surge).

Do it up!

Why is it that the Geow! Premium Whey says it has 5lbs in it, but in the facts it says it has 28.5gX46, which is more like 3lbs?

Ouch, delivery was more than I expected, 100 bucks. :frowning: Did it anyway, hope it’s good :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found out they sell HOT-ROX here in Israel. And it’s a 100$ per bottle! :open_mouth: