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Help with My Nutrition?


I am living in some remote place of China and getting clean food is very hard for me as everything contain chemical or hormones.

However i managed to find some products that pass the standard food quality test.

I am 28 / 1.77 - 71 KG.

I train every day of the week with Cardio 3 times a week (train twice each muscle group). My target is to reach 77KG of lean muscle mass and keep a low fat level.

Below are the list of clean food i can get, can you please advice how i should split this during the day ?

How many calories i should go for as well ? Seems my maintenance is around 2750 Calories.

I also can eat 4 times a day. (morning around 8 am / lunch 12am / afternoon 5pm / dinner 8pm)

So here is the food i can get :

Chicken Breast (166 grams each)
Tomato (100 grams one)
Avocado (normal size)
Egg (Whole)
Whole Wheat pasta
Tomato Sauce (to go with the chicken)
Full cream milk

My question is how much of each of those shall i eat at every meal, Is there something big missing in this ingredients list or that i should remove?

Thanks a lot for your helps guys

Do you live in Hong Kong or the main land? I’ve been to China, what do you mean everything has hormones or chemicals? Are you talking about the stuff in restaurants? You say you live in a remote part of China (knowing nothing about where you live), it seems logical you’d have more access to local produce that isn’t “contaminated/treated” as much as the stuff you find in the cities.