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Help with My Nips on Test E 500mg/wk

Hey all, ive been doing a test e 500mg a week cycle im currently just starting week 3 and i woke up this morning with some sensitive and very quite aroused nips, i have tamoxifen on hand i was hoping someome could tell me if i should start with it now? Or not? And if i should start how much would you recommend?

try 20mg per day through the rest of your cycle. Get blood tested now (or soon) specifically for estrogen just to get an idea of where you’re at.


Less drugs the better. Sensitive aroused nipples doesn’t really mean anything. Of course your E2 is gonna rise on cycle. There is nothing wrong with that. Is this the only side effect your experiencing?

Yeah that’s it so far mate

As yubs said 20mg nolva a day is what’s recommended if you have issues with gyno in order to Prevent it.

Your putting a shit load of exogenous testosterone in your body right now your hormones are going crazy trying to level out those first 5 weeks. It’s common to have sensitive nips/bloat etc. My nips are like rocks my whole cycle. I wouldn’t stress it bro.

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Cheers bud, it’s my first ever cycle just don’t wanna mess up thanks for the input

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Thanks for the help mate

Sensative and aroused nips? Sounds like it’s time to experiment in the bedroom with your partner, not add more drugs.


Way ahead of you :joy:

I know exactly what you’re saying man Im 3 weeks into my first cycle 25 test e on Monday’s and 250 test c on Friday’s so just about the exact same as you. I haven’t taken any AIs yet I was going to wait for symptoms too but then when I thought about it I’m not sure what those symptoms would be lol. I’m definitely sticking to the less drugs the better and keeping it simple approach I’m just really afraid of missing a symptom and getting some Gyno that is going to be permanent. I have one nipples acting different than normal, fuck if I know what that means lol. Good luck bud

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Raloxifene is the drug you want if you develop actual gyno.

Good luck.

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Chance of developing gyno on a 12 week test cycle followed by proper pct are pretty slim

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Thanks man I’ll read up on it, really appreciate it

what if your super sensitive to test and aromatize easily?

is nolva 20mg really a solution to prevent it completely like the post above mentions?

That is what the doc has said. Iv never had the issue so I can’t speak first hand but I’m inclined to believe him.

How do you know your super sensative and aromoatize easily?

doesn’t 20mg nolva kinda kill the gains from 500mg?

How so? As I said im probably not the best person to ask about this. I just know it’s reported that 20mg/day nolva stops gyno.

Unless you know for sure your gyno prone like you got it from your last cycle etc I wouldn’t just assume you are due to things like holding water or sensitive nips

I think to many people these days are to quick to jump on the AI wagon. It’s almost like it’s become part of a cycle plan. I don’t think it should be like that. I think it’s made people to start having gyno paranoia and anxiety. Especially Those first 4 weeks of a strong blast when your hormones are all over and you might be dealing with anxiety from that. I think a lot of people create gyno symptoms or try to relate every little thing to high estrogen ultimately leading to an AI then your left trying to dial in a adex dose for the rest of your cycle either crashing or just worsening things. This leads to a further imbalances in your hormones ultimately doing more harm then good.

Your body is an amazing thing you’d be supprised how easily with a bit of time it can regulate things in its own

would 10mg/day of clomid do the same thing? stop gyno?

So I’ve left it for a while now and I’ve got those Montgomery glands come up quite a bit, and they poke out alot more, it is pretty unusual I figure there’s going to be some changes I just don’t really want to leave it untill it’s too late to get rid of, you ever had the Montgomery glands come up?

I always have a few raised glands per nip I guess now that I examine them closely. Your about 5 weeks into cycle now. Do you feel OK overall? If so any your worried about this nipple thing just go ahead and add some nolva into the mix that will take any fear of gyno off your hands!

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