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Help with My New Program Plz



I was wondering if anyone could answer this question for me.

I have been doing splits with 2 and 2 muscle groups for a very long time now, and i was going to try some whole body workout like this one


BUT, there is one thing that i was wondering about, and that is regarding the benchpress.

If i follow this guide i would be training for example only flat bench for 3 weeks before changing to something else, and i was wondering if it is okay for me to change between Flat - Incline and Decline betweeen each workout? Or would that mess up the program?

Cause i want a chest which is in an overall good shape, and not like big at the lower part while the upper part is the same as nothing.

Sorry about the bad grammar =D


You have it all wrong. If you're doing TBT it definitely makes the most sense to do 2 things,

1.) Change exercises for each body part every week. Progressing on one lift can be a dangerous thing and having good continuity can lead to big muscles and scary strength (which can be dangerous!)

2.) Make sure you hit all of the chest muscles - i.e. the upper chest, middle, inner, outer, and lower. The pec actually has 5+ muscles but rotating between Incline, Flat, Decline, and probably even chest press machines will DEFINITELY reap the best results towards getting a nice full chest, and it'll help curb getting scarily strong a la what I talked about for Point 1.

And I do apologize, I only posted this response because you forced my hand.


I see why multiple angles is a good thing, but why wouldn't you want to be strong as well?


Hope your insurance policy on your sarcasm detector isn't expired, because I think it broke.


Doh. I shouldn't skim.