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Help With My Low Carb Approach

Hi there. Recently I have come to realize that I seriously need to lose bodyfat. It is way to high, probably more then 20%. Recently I have decided to take the advice of some articles and not mix carbs with fat.

On a typical day I am waking up and having about a 4 - 6 oz steak with 2 / 3 cup of oatmeal and an orange. Then on first break at work I have a plain sandwich made with just roast beef and bread, no mayo or anything. At lunch I switch and start eating protein and fat. I will have somethign like chicken with mixed vegatables, cheese, some mixed nuts, and cheese. Same deal for last break and then rest of the night. Is it possible to actually lose bodyfat like this without counting calories? I have also increased by cardio.

Also in your honest opinions, can I lose fat if I braek the diet once a week and drink some beer? For instance this saturday I have off and was looking forward to taking it easy, watching some movies and drinking some bud? Will it totally ruin all my hard work of eating tastless shitty chicken breat?

If you have anything else you need answered let me know. Oh yah, and I have started doing cardio too. Sometims when I wake up before breakfast, and I like to do HIIT at night followed by some light jogging. Or going for walks.

Sure if you simply go from eating like shit to eating good foods sure you should make great progress

yes you can have a break

id look at the basic outline of T-dawg 2.0 it has the one day off and etc etc


Sure you can have a cheat meal every now and then. If you eat clean 80-90% of the time, a cheat meal or cheat day is good for the body.

That said, do not let a cheat turn into a binge. Also I would advise towards eating the most “healthy” junk food you can.


Instead of regular corn chips… stone-ground organic corn chips

The difference is a bit more fiber, and healthier oils. Sometimes you will find they have a bit less oil and salt too though that depends on brand. Also they are trans fat free.

Or like pizza? Make your own.

Get hormone and antibiotic free cheese/meats for the pizza, organic tomato sauce, and if you enjoy it whole grain dough. If you are into sausage/pepperoni then find some without nitrates/nitrites.

Trans fats, MSG, hormones and antibiotics found in animal products, and to a lesser degree various chemical additives will slow progress and threaten health.

Good luck.