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Help with my legs!

I need help folks. I have awful legs. I have done Ian’s program and such, but my legs only get “taller” (they look bigger from the side). How can I add some size to the outside and inside of my legs? At 6’3 and over 200, my legs look long and skinny. I know that genetics play a part (my dad and 5 uncles all have the same legs- thank god for mom’s calves!) but I think I can do better.
Thanks in advance.

  1. How long have you been working out? 2) What type of leg program do you normaly do? 3) Do you squat? 4) How do you carry the 200+ ( are you a soft 200+?, muscular upper body but no legs? etc). 5) Do you play a sport like basketball or soccer, do a lot of running/cycling? Theres a lot more to answering a question like that than just knowing you need bigger legs. the more information you provide the more people can help you on this board.

Infinity, Just keep going, I’ve been lifting my ass off for a good while now and only recently started to gain real size on my legs, and it coincidentally, coincided with my starting Ian’s Oh so painful workouts, and I’m 5’11" so with your height, I’d guess that you just have much more area to fill in before the growth becomes obvious, but It’ll come.

I think the main problem with leg growth is not getting enough time under tension with the specific muscles your working. I could squat alott in high school, but never had my quads pop out, until I began concentrating using 5 sec negatives and a very deep range of motion. I also like to use alott of isometrics, staggerred sets, supersets, drop sets in my quad training. For hams multiple sets of heavy reps, 2- 6 reps, with leg curls, and I use good morning and stiffleggs with higher reps but pausing for 3 seconds at the stretched position. I also like to do hill sprints 4-6 hours later after my leg workout. to really destroy the fibers. The work I do is very high volume, you must pay special attention to supplementation and meal frequency or else you will over train. I find that squating with a block allows me to put more stress on my quads. I used to squat 450+(parallel, knee’s wrapped, in high school) now I use 185- 225 off a block, very slow, and contracted and very deep. I now have all my quads visibile. Hope that helps!

Reality bites man! Genetics are a bitch, especially when you see guys like Nasser El Sonbatty who’s qauds are larger than his waste, but more than likely, tough you can make some great size increases by sticking with the basic power movements such as sqaut, and eating to meet your mass building goals, more than likely your never going to completely overcome the genetic barrier. There is always of course roids, but go that route only if you are an expert, or know someone that is that can help you along with it.

You need to squat and deadlift…heavy. Squat maybe 8-12 sets, working down from sets of 10, to sets of 3 or 4 while pyramiding the weight upward. Pyramid with the deads also, but not as many sets. Eat bro.

If you squat with your feet relatively close together, switch to a wider stance with your feet turned out at the same angle your thighs are. This really made my inner thighs grow, increasing the apparent frontal width. - Nylo

I hate to keep sounding like an infomercial for GVT, but I am 6’5" and I got GREAT gains off of doing 10 sets of squats and 10 of deadlifts…nearly killed me each workout…but I grew!