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Help with my Leg Day!

My routine currently looks like this:

My two upper body days are great, but my leg day is starting to get bad. I can’t do back squats, front squats, or leg presses without destroying my knees. Is there something I can do as an alternative? Are lunges better on my knees? Or some time of cardio and then hitting the leg extensions, and then finishing my leg/ab day as normal, or what do you guys suggest?

Videos will help.

I personally find lunges, split squats, etc. are worse on my knees, but exponentially better on my back (which is what kills me with back squat). However, you seem to have more strain on your knees during squats, so step ups, lunges, and split squats might be s better alternative for you personally. All you can do is try. Everyone’s body is made up differently. Because of my back right now I do elevated foot split squats, glute-ham raises, leg extensions, leg curls, lunges, etc.

I’m not a specialist, but if i were i’d need more info.


Where exactly is the pain in your knee?

Above, Behind, Below, “Deep” inside

When you squat down, where do you start to feel pain? Do you stretch often?

And most importantly, when and how did you hurt your knee in the first place.

Your saying your leg days are “starting” to get bad. As in: more and more pain each week?