Help with my Labs

Needing some help looking at my lab results and getting some feedback. I’m a 35 year old male


Thyroid labs are incomplete, no free active thyroid hormones testing, no TSH. While TT looks alright, FT looks suboptimal for a guy at 35 years old, sure its normal but is normal for someone older and the only explanation is high SHBG which decreases FT and increase TT, the inactive hormone.

It was Dr. Abraham Morgantaller an expert in testosterone which stated FT levels at or <15, these men are likely to show benefit on TRT. The problem is sick care does optimal your health, it prevents you from dying and you’re not drying.

Your insurance will NEVER approve you for TRT unless TT is <300 leaving you to seek private care for TRT which is what should be doing anyways because the standard of care for TRT is terrible.

Your T status is expected to continue on a downward spiral as you lose 1% of your testosterone every year past 30. You can slow the decline but you can’t stop it.

Thanks for the advice, here is the thyroid information that was left off.

Looks good. Ft is low like system said but doubt its low enough to get anything done.

I got htc mono therapy at 15 (and your lower) but I go through a naturopath and I have no idea how he scams the government to allow my healthcare to cover it.

That TSH is not good, I’ve never seen anything feel good on TRT with TSH anywhere near 3.0, the pituitary gland will increase TSH when there isn’t enough thyroid hormone in circulation. A normal TSH in healthy people is 1.-1.5 and anything 2.5 is a problem in the making.

These sick care reference ranges will keep you in a disease state all for the purpose of creating consumers of health problems for the future. The insurance institutions deny medical treatment for the purpose of keeping all the profits for themselves.

Good " Optimal vs Normal Thyroid Levels for All Lab Tests & Ages".

Isn’t TSH constantly fluctuating though?

My TSH fluctuates, between .6->.9, but never over 1.01. If you go to the website I suggested you’ll see where it states “healthy individuals” have a TSH 1->1.5, then it starts taking about normal ranges created by these institutions which has ranges .5-4.5 and the reference ranges used to go higher.

The reference ranges has been changed multiple times in the last 20 years, normal TSH used to go all the way to 10.0. Look at the testosterone reference ranges, its changes three times in the last several years.

Over time the reference ranges have gotten narrower. It won’t be long before all the people wake up and realize the reference ranges need to be changed yet again.

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I see, that makes sense. Just a question. Would TSH, FT3, FT4, anti-TPO be sufficient to determine if Thyroid is acting up or not? My budget for bloods isn’t really that great and I’m on my own, without insurance or doctors. And I already have a list of shit to check, since my TRT isn’t working and I feel that I aromatise more than I should.

I’d imagine:

Would be a smart approach? I had cortisol and prolactin checked few months ago and they weren’t over the range. It’s always my E2 that is high and TT that is low even the day after a shot, even though I’m not overweight and don’t carry love handles. Weird shit.

Edit: I’m sorry for shitting in everyone’s threads. Hopefully we can learn a thing or two from it.

Given the labs, without the benefit of a complete history and PE, I’d say you’re a candidate for both TRT and thyroid.

Your thyroid could be acting up without having elevated antibodies, elevated antibodies indicates a person’s immune system is attacking the thyroid gland.

A balance between fT3 (midrange or better) and rT3 (rT3 <15 ng/dL.) is need for optimal thyroid function. Whoever ordered these thyroid labs is inept and behind the times. This person stopped learning sometime ago.

Doctors that stay updated on the latest research would be testing all free active thyroid hormones upon seeing elevated TSH.

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