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Help with my Labs

Hey guys, I have a follow up appointment tomorrow with my doctor to discuss my lab results. Any ideas what I should ask about? It seems like low e2 and low DHT could be a problem, but is there anything else that pops out to you guys?

For me, I’d want my Testosterone nearer 100.

You are not currently on TRT then, and not feeling all that good so you are looking into it?

If so, I would want testosterone and DHEA. If currently on TRT, unless feeling great, I would want my dose increased. It would help to know free testosterone.

Yeah, I’d like it higher. I’m trying to figure out the weird units. Typically it’s expressed in ng/dl right? How do you convert ng/mg?

Couldn’t begin to testosterone read labs, ranges don’t compute. Low E2 and low DHT is common when testosterone is low, testosterone is converted to estrogen.

Thyroid looks fine. If doctor is a numbers chasing moron without a shred of analytical thinking (most doctors), he will say you’re normal. I would have symptoms if Free T dropped below the top of the ranges.

Yeah, usual symptoms. Fatigue, lack of drive/focus, not great gym results, etc. Looking into TRT

He’s a functional doctor, so probably more open to it. I’m kind of confused about why he ordered this test with no SHBG, prolactin or Free Test levels. He said this was the best test, but after research that seems to be not true.

I’m going to hit up Defy next to get some better testing if he doesn’t have some good answers tomorrow

You can’t get your own labs at discountedlabs.com I just ordered some. I read a stick on this foeum where they said SHGB can be figured out by looking at total and free T. How much free T was created based on how much your T rose. Check out the stickies bro.

But yeah if u can just get the test through health insurance go for it bro.

Defy is a smart move if your current doctor isn’t familiar with TRT, most doctors miss important symptoms that only someone with clinical experience can spot.

Free T is more important than Total T, SHBG is important as well as testosterone binds to SHBG.