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Help with my hamstrings

I write today to ask yall to help me out. I have been having trouble with pain in my knees, according to the physical therapist its due to developmental hamstring tightness. I have been stretching almost daily for months and I am still having trouble. Its keeping me from running for more than a few minutes at a time which subsiquently is killing all of my other sports. If yall have any stretchs or exercises that could help please post back. I read the recent t-mag article but im not sure if its applicable. Thanks in advance – Fogerty

if it is tightness, and just tightness, i don’t know why you don’t get a massage. If it was a good one, it would cure it.

Would Reverse Hypers and Glute-Ham raises help you? You might want to give them a try. Massage is always a good way to go too!

do some regular PNF stretching. youll notice the effects very quickly

You may have a spasm somewhere else that is leading to your tightness and no amount of stretching of your hams will release them. What area do you live in and I can see if I could refer you to a PT who has had a certain type of training.

Do glute ham raises. If you don’t have a glute ham bench just stick your feet under the couch (Coach Davie style), don’t worry as much about pulling yourself up as controlling your body’s downward movement. There is some lit. out there that this eccentric exercise will help lengthen the hamstrings and help prevent ham “pulls”. Next, make sure and stretch AFTER your workouts. Sure it’s great to stretch those other times but this is your best chance to increase your flexability. Finally, be sure your stretching routine is a balanced one. Although it may not make sense to stretch your quads to get your hamstrings to loosen up, there is a very close relationship between antagonists. Good luck.

how long has this been occuring for/how old are you/what type of hamstring work have you been doing/what type of stretching have you been doing in the past. I hope to help. In faith, Coach Davies

stiff leg deads.