Help with My Full Body Workouts

Monday Routine
- Back Barbell Squats 3x5
- Wide Grip Pull-ups 25
- Bent Over Rows 3x5
- Incline Military Push-ups 5x10
- Incline Dumbbell Press 3x5
- Shrugs 3x5

Wednesday Routine
- Deadlifts 1x5
- Hack Squats 3x5
- Neutral Grip Pull-ups 50
- Machine Chest Press 3x5
- Military Dumbbell Press 3x5
- Dumbbell Curls 3x5

Friday Routine
- Back Barbell Squats 3x5
- Wide Grip Pull-ups 25
- T-Bar Rows 3x5
- Dips 3x10
- Decline Dumbbell Press 3x5
- Tri-cep Pushdowns 3x5

My question is if I’ll be over training my back or chest? I’m trying to limit it to six exercises per workout. I’m a big fan of push-ups and pull-ups so I’d really like to keep them in the workout. What are your opinions? Any exercises I should be doing instead? Also, due to a wrist injury, cleans and snatches are very tough for me, otherwise I’d do them. And finally, I’ll be doing ab work on my off days, in case anyone was going to mention a lack of it.

As long as the sets you outline are your work sets only then it looks ok. 6 Lifts is a shit ton per sesion if you arent alternating on some of them. I would say do 3 “big” lifts, a hip lift, a upper push and an upper pull. Put all your balls into those for 2-4 work sets maybe 5 on a day when you feel G.I. Joeish. then take 1-3 assistance lifts and rotate through them in a pairing or triplet if you got time. After putting some stank on 3 big lifts with warm up sets and work sets you might be at about 45mins. 3 more lifts might take you into the 1.5h sesion mark. I say get in and get the mother fuck out.

Also you might want to take one of your two 25 rep totals of WG chins and replace them with neutral grip chins. If you are adding weight to those shits [as you should] then The NG ones will give you great pulling gains and a solid back. Also the NG chins give your shoulders a bit of an ergonomic break from prone WG.

You wont overtrain unless you eat like a olson twin. Stay off the nose candy and stick to the butcher shop and you’ll grow like cancer.

other than that good luck sir and get strong.


Try it. Nobody can tell you if you will be over training. Pull up are very good, and you can do push up everyday and keep getting stronger. Did you use wrist wrap ?

more legs if anything, you have two lifts for chest each day, one for legs and one for back… try either one or two for all and i think you should add sitff legs instead of hack squats if you back squat twice a week or at least ghr

Your program looks fine…a good starting point. Just keep accurate records of what you are doing, and sit down and analyze them every couple of weeks. Don’t make major changes all at once; keep in what is working and swap out what needs improved.

Obviously nutritional support is going to determine whether the program is a success or not. But it’s certainly good enough for now…good luck.

Do more reps on shrugs btw

[quote]Aigriculteur wrote:
Do more reps on shrugs btw[/quote]

Good call. going for either: repetition efforts or high intensity [ie. plates on bar] power shrugs with low [3-4] reps and 10+ sets. See which works for you. Rack power shrugs are my favorite. But every so often it pays to do Rep Efforts with DB shrugs.


The key is finding the amount of time it takes your different body parts to recover. For instance, my upper body pushing muscles usually take a week or slightly less, and my upper pulling muscles take about a week. Lower body wise, I find my body needs at least a week off from exercises such as squats, and as many as 9 days off from conventional deadlifts. Other people can train with only a few days rest, though there usually needs to be some significant rep scheme changes within that.


I have been working on a program that incorporate full body workouts too. From the responds, I think I now have a idea on why I been feeling so sluggish after about 8 weeks.

This is my program.

It got to the point that I finds myself missing lift days because I’m so tired. I will try to look at the nutrition a bit more though and see if that help.

[quote]Ramo wrote:
Your program looks fine…a good starting point. Just keep accurate records of what you are doing, and sit down and analyze them every couple of weeks. Don’t make major changes all at once; keep in what is working and swap out what needs improved.

That’s good.

And choose some main exercises, keep eye of them and do progress in them even if everything else will fall. You need to eat obviously. And maybe (just maybe) change that avatar because I feel that you are one step from falling in love with yourself bro…

Hey, I think it’s a little tooo much. I’d say 3 compound lifts + some additional isolation (2-3 exerices) is the limit. Well, this is my experience:

The first month, I was taking it easy from a back injury and a half a year of inactivity (I was never into weughtlifting much). Just some 3x10 on basic lifts. Then I started this:


Front squat
Horizontal press (Bench, Inclin bench, both bar and dumbells) - I’m not a fan of chest exercices.
One arm dumbell rows


Overhead barbell press
Lat pulldown (can’t do pullups - yet.)

I work out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Monday is 4x8, Wednesday 5x5 and Friday 3x12

So that means

  1. week: A 4x8, B 5x5, C 3x12;
  2. week: B 4x8, A 5x5, B 3x12
    then repeat.

Exceptions: Front squats are always 3x5, and deadlifts 1x5, OH press 5x5 doesn’t matter is it Monday or Wednesday.

Friday is my “special” light day. I don’t do neither deads nor squats on that day, last time I did some calf raises, they will be awalys on Friday from now. All other exercices are 3x12. The rule of a thumb is always up the weight, or repetitions if the dumbells are concerned. Gradually, I added 3 sets of barbell curls and 3 sets of shrugs on every workout.

I’m 100kg at the moment, I eat like a maniac and I feel sleepy (mmmm naps.) every day, which means it’s working. Running as a cardio is no-no IMHO, your legs are always sore, back also. Riding a bike or sledgehammering is good.

My biggest mistake IMHO is lack of shoulders exercices, like all sorts of raises. They will be included.

Oh yeah, If you’re weak in the “leg area”, do squats 5x5, I lowered the volume for myself because I have a large ass.