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Help With My Friend's Diet

So I’ve got this friend. He’s 5’9’ and anywhere from 350-380, no thats not muscle. Anyhow, he’s been trying for a while to “eat healthy”, and I admit he has, but the results are not consistent or substantial. The problem is he doesn’t know how much to eat and usually falls on the side of too little, and his metabolism is feeling it.

I’m asking somebody at T-Nation to give me some calorie and macro calculations for him, as I’m very interested in him living past 30. After that I can fill in the nutritional details, but that would really be appreciated. By the way, it really is a friend.

At his weight he should be able to Look at a tread mill and loose weight.

In all seriousness are you sure hes not eating good around you and then gorging himself at other times.

Even on a very strict diet his metabolism should not be effetced that much due to the enourmous stores of energy he is carrying. If he needs energy it will tap into all the fat.

As for a blanket equation. Well at that high of weight you really cant go off his body wieght now. I would suggest doing something Like T-Dawg II and use the target/goal weight as the starting point. He should be able to shed weight VERY fast without much worry of losing muscle at first. Then It will slow and down as he gets closer to the goal.

Just my take. I think T-Dawg calls for body weight x 16 then subtract 500. Just ick the goal weight x 16 ad start from there that should have him shedding weigth fairly quickly if he chooses the correct foods and works out.

Hope that helps,

Thanks a lot. Thats pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Mostly, I wanted a number so he could learn how to track his calories, and learn how to fall in a range. T-dawg 2.0 was the plan, with a simple tri-weekly lift, and a good deal of cardio. This is really the last stop before GP surgery, so I hope it works.