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Help With My Football Helmet

I am trying to readjust my straps so that they are like this: http://www.bassco.com/images/PROAIRII.jpg

I have a standard Riddell helmet and a Riddell soft chinstrap.

I have unscrewed the facemask but when i clip on the chinstrap to the top clips it hangs too short to clip the straps to the far bottom clips. (Am i describing this ok?)

so do i need a new chinstrap with longer straps, or…?



you need to have a chinstrap thats made to be attached at the top, if you originally had them so both clips on each side attached to the lower part of the helmet then it wouldn’t be able to attach it to the high point clips.

don’t know if this made any sense because i’m tired…but personally…I like my chinstrap when both clips on each side are attached to the low side of the helmet…but i guess its personal preference

Yes you have to get a new chinstrap that will allow this. I wear a revolution and that is how it is with no choice I like my helmet, it’s light.