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Help with My Food Plan


So new school year, which means a new season of wrestling. It's my second year and I'm trying to get more serious (training and eating wise.) In reading what the Zone said I kinda liked what I Read, but the 'blocks' don't seem very accurate because chicken has fat, and almonds have protein so I decided to take the guidelines and try something on my own

Training 3x a day(Running, lifting, wrestling) makes full meals very very difficult to get full meals in.

So if I figure if I can get all my macros in at 200g of each protein, carbs, and fats I should be fine.

Now I want to do things like this;

Pre run shake; 1 scoop whey; 30g protein, and 1 apple / 1 orange 33g or so of carbs

I would have a shake like that before wrestling, after wrestling, after lifting, and before wrestling

I would fit 2 meals in of 6oz of almonds ea equaling a total of 201g in fat(100g ea meal,) and 1 apple and 1 orange again 33g of carbs

Total; 201g fat, 198g protein, and 200g carbs

Would eating like this be bad in anyway? I guess it would get boring but food if fuel right..

Help? Suggestions? I'm very little in what I Know, and I'm trying to gain knowledge with each passing day.

For the record zone suggests; 1:1:1


2 Meals,seriously? Are you a vegetarian?


and 4 meals of protein shake for post / pre training meals. Easiet way to do it.


Dude, even if you keep a diet log, your gonna get bored of repititive shit and eat dirty at some point, if I were you keep a log of what you eat, and, rack up the approx. carbs/fat/protein and overall macronutrient distrubution.

Don't keep yourself to boring stuff man, variety is fun!! Don't worry about specific stuff like acids/vitamins at this point etc. your probably in Highschool like me, so, specific things like fish fats & flax fats aren't crucial, although, still nice in your diet.

So to sum it up, just get your macro right (1:1:1 isn't great, I suggest lowering carb intake by half, so something like 40% fat, 40% protein, 20% carbs would be a nice macro to follow)

Assuming that you will not need to do a lot of cardio, else, I would raise carb intake if you had a lot of running or anything physically exerting for long periods of time (I don't think wrestling matches would count however)


I'm 20, and compete in university level wrestling and need to be fully aware of whats going in and coming up.


I think you neglected to read that I said to keep a diet log STILL, seeing as you need to be fully aware, just be a lot more careful, simple as that, it doesn't take that long to figure out the nutrition facts of food, even google it if you need to.

unless you fill yourself up on processed shit (which wouldnt be healthy in the first place), there should be no problem instilling a diet with lots of variety which is also nutritionally beneficial for you.


The ratios suggested in the zone are for calories not grams. If you are aiming for the 40/30/30, carbs and protein have 4 cals per gram and fat has 9 per gram; you should get 4/9ths grams of fat per gram of carbohydrate.


DUDE, you just made it 100x more confusing >_>



Haven't fucked up my daily macro's or calorie intake ever since I signed up. I can plan out a few meals in advance to see where they'd leave me, and can adjust on the fly (low on fat? throw on a teaspoon of olive oil!). If you have to, you could even plan out a whole day in advance and prep in the morning or at night.


Sorry, but it makes a difference. Perhaps I could have explained myself better.


As an athlete, eating is easily as important as your running, lifting, and wrestling. You might want to make some time for it.

So you're proposing that your entire diet consist of only protein powder, apples, oranges, and almonds?


I'm asking if you're a vegetarian because of the almond meal you're having. You can substitute them with eggs,beef,fish, or chicken & have the almond as a snack. Almonds are not cheaper than meat were I live. Almonds $6-8/lb. I find it kind of dumb to eat 6oz of almond twice a day. Unless you're a vegetarian, then I understand.The zone diet is bullshit IMO. It's aimed towards house wives not athletes.


You have it all wrong. Are you sure you read that right? I think you should look to read a different book. Try Power Eating. It's pretty simple, good for beginners, has a losing fat,cutting,bulking & maintenance macro outline & won't give you some crazy mathematical formula.

My only dislike from that book is the use of soy & the negative writings about saturated fats & chol. Other than that it's pretty solid.


Holy crap. This has "failure" written all over it. There's no way you got to where you are now by eating like this. Recognize that as far as wrestling goes the three most important things are: 1) diet 2) mental 3) training.

edit obviously I'm talking about college level wrestling. Training is clearly the most important for novices, but for college diet and mental are more important than training, but of course you still have to train.


If your doing that kind of training per week/day, Your going to need more then that.
First off how much do you weigh? BF%? How much running do you do per day? how long are you workouts, wrestling sessions? Are you quick to gain fat or weight?

I understand its hard to go to school, and have a training schedule like that. But I would recommend pre cooking your food, For instance baking our grilling chicken breast, boiling some sweet potatoes, or making a good amount of veggies to last you a couple days. You can do this while studying.
2 meals a day is not enough for that much movement, even with protein shakes. Remember your not on a bodybuilding plan but a athletic plan. Which is different. Your going to expend more energy, so you will need more energy supplying foods.
Honestly with a plan like you have you will get burn out, and adrenal burnout.
You could use that as a cycle week, say every third week eat something like that.

But to help you out we/I will need more info.