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Help with my first

Hey guys wanted to get your almighty input. Im 28, weigh 228 pounds, concerned about hairloss, and been lifting for 3 years steady. I want to put on 10 pounds lbm and get shredded. Currently have 15-18% bodyfat. I have access to any product I need, but dont know what to do with it. What do you guys think a good first cycle would be to obtain these goals, and what about a diet. I appreciate your help.

10lbs is not that hard to do. get some mag-10 or the like. try massive eating and a good training program. you could put on 10lbs in no time.

honestly the place to start is the “steroid newby thread”. type that in the search engine. after that, post your ideas and we can help refine them. we arent big on doing all of your work for you. but we will help guide you.

Yo, P-Dog and Drago1.

By the way, could you guys explain the negatives of Deca. You seem really against it. I know I’m a newby, but if there is something I should know about this shit, give it to me. Please.

I appreciate your help.

It makes your pee pee limp like a piece of raw bacon…

The Jbone,

Deca is looked down upon highly on this forum because of the fact that, if taken in high dosages, it will give you a limp tool. However, if you do a bit of research on other steroid websites, you’ll find that it’s one of the safest aas out there. I took deca with winstrol as my first cycle and it worked wonders(gained near 20 lbs & very lean) but I was also 18 and very athletic. I’m not sure how it would work in your situation. In any case, P-dog and drago are veteran posters & have a plethora of knowledge on the subject.

If your concerned about hairloss you could try stacking oxandrolone and winstrol together. I don’t believe that either will cause an increase in DHT, meaning you hopefully won’t lose any hair. You could take at least 30mgs of each a day orally and probably get pretty decent results.

oh and btw finasteride will not help hairloss associated with deca. i have heard it can actually make it worse.

What is considered a “High” dosage of deca? I have read it causes a lot of water retention, when( what level of dosage) would you need a diuretic?

If you’re worried about hair loss you can use pretty much any steroid as long as you use Spironolactane or Flutamide (applied topically) concurrently.

And Winny has been known to cause hairloss in some.

Btw, Test is pretty safe hairwise if you run propecia/finasteride concurrently but make sure you don’t run p/f with Deca because that will exacerbate hairloss.