Help With My First Order

Ive been buying my gear threw guys at the gym and been paying way too much. So my man is moving and gave me a supplier in the states web address. So i know its a good source because ive source checked them and now im ready to place my firt order. What i need help with is how to do it right. I know your not suppose to use your real name and e-mail address and send the money western union or money order. Im not sure how to do this. Can anyone help??? thanks

Why does nobody want to help me if i do it wrong and it gets caught its going to make it worse for all of us. IM sorry for being a newb but thats why im here can somebody give me some advice. We all have to be a newb in the beginng.

thanks arthur your a good guy

Test the waters. Place a small order first, preferably something non-AAS, like Nolvadex or something.

Ya i was thinking like viagra and cialis since they sell these. It has to be a $200 doller order though. I shouldnt be limp for years to come.