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Help with My First Cycle


Thats my first cycle i want to know is it ok or what want your opinions

Hgh : 4 months 1 month befor the cycle :4iu
Week 1-12 test cyp 500mg 2x250 weekly
Week 1-10: deca 300 mg weekly
Week1-5 : dbol 25 gram
Week 4:12: hcg 250 iu x2 weekly
Week 1-12: arimidex 0.5 eod
Week 15-18 : clomid (50-50-50-50)
Nolva( 40-40-20-20)
Hcg (1500 iu) every 4 days


Looks pretty good, how long are you doing the gh for? Also is it Grey’s or blues?


4 months , what do u mean blues or greys?


Is it generic or pharm grade


Sorry man but how can i know the difference?


It would say a brand name th on the vial, or it wouldnt


Yup there is a brand name and it is approved in my country


Fuckin kudos to you man. I wish pharm grade could be bought in the states but it’s not simple


Lol , i wish too but supplements are soooo fuckn expensive alot more than the GH here


One helluva first cycle. Good luck with it.


I know man I was like Holly sh*t that a first cycle? I’m still scared of trying test-e for 12 weeks :joy:


Test Enanthate is a great first cycle. Get a few of those under your belt with proper PCT and then the fun really starts. I’m about 1.5 years in with about 3 cycles and I wouldn’t even do the OP’s cycle. Plus, broke as shit too, so that helps. haha