Help with My First Cycle

Hi there i don’t even know how to start but im just going to say it i really need help i’ve been working out for 2 and a half years i love working out and bodybuilding but it is really hard for me to put on muscle because i am a construction worker (roofing) so im always up and down the ladder carrying bundles of shingles Doing tear offs etcetera etcetera so i tought about it and im ready for my first cycle but Idk anything about it due to i never tought i was ever gonna do any steroids whatsoever but i am really really tired of been skiny and with a big gut.

I have been reading a lot and i would like to start with something simple like test and decca but i don’t even know what exactly i need or where to buy it or what brand.My family depends on me and i wouldn’t want to harm my body buying and injecting some weird stuff and ending at the hospital that’s why im here asking for your help pls
I am a male 5’6" 160 pounds i work out 5 days a week please let me know if you need any more info thank you guys and have a great day