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Help with My First Cycle?


Im 27 and have been training since I was 13.

Currently the best shape of my life at 200lbs almost single digit body fat and I am 6' tall.

I would like to do my first cycle but am unsure what to use.

Obviously I want to do a test only cycle, probably at a dose of 400 a week for 12 weeks.

Can you guys tell me which kind of testosterone would be the safest to use?

Test susp
Test C
Test E

I could even do test prop for 8 weeks eod. If it is the safest.

Is test really just test?

what kind of help would 400 a week give me as opposed to natty training?

Also how bad are sides at 400? even if my genetics were not that good.
Sides as in.

Gyno.<-----------will take a preventative measure but I heard gyno prob wont happen at only 400
hair growth.<----------hair growth will disappear after my natty levels are resumed?
hairloss.<--------not sure if I have a predisposition to MPB but if I don't is it possible to (turn on) balding with test even after cycle?.....I don't want to use Propecia during cycle.

and since this is my first cycle will my test levels raise quickly after pct?

sorry for all the questions im just collecting information before I begin.

Thank you T-Nationers


Every single question asked has an answer readily available by using the search function.


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My interpretation of him meaning 'safest' is lowest risk of side effects.

Hair growth and hair loss are more of an individual thing. I'm lucky in that I've lost no hair and I get little body hair growth, though being a naturally 'unhairy bodied' person I am very uncomfortable with it, it really freaks me out!

There's no real way to know how robust your endocrine system is, the risk is always there, you can only manage (the more intelligently the better) that risk.

Once you're shut down, you're shut down. I would go with at least 700mg a week, 400mg isn't worthwhile IMO.

If you're really worried then maybe a first cycle of six weeks test prop is best? Six weeks equals easier recovery and if side effects become unbearable for any reason the cycle can easily be aborted and the short acting test will be quickly out of your system.

Maybe do some more research, start by reading the SERM and AI sticky so you understand what you need to do to recover and how to prevent gyno.


BBB= I would define safe as this exactly ^

Thanks I will look into test prop.