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Help with my First Cycle please!

Whats up guys? Ok im 22 years old and been lifting for about a year and half now. The past year pretty hard but kinda feel like iv hit a stopping point. Pretty normal i think. Im 5’10 about 177lbs not sure on BF% but somewhere around 12% i think. Im not gonna start any gear just yet just to ensure that i reach my natural potential growth first. Although i would like to educate my self as much as possible on how to get the most out of my cycle and keep as much as my gains as i can. And to also avoid problems like gyno and loss of sex drive etc. My main question is how to plan a good PCT.? my first cycle will be sust 250 and liquid dbol although i may do just a cycle of just the dbol. I no a lot of people are against that but its just going to depend on what all i can get and how much. Iv already got some liquid dbol. but like i said do not want to start anything until i feel a little more educated on it. For my PCT can i run just some nolvadex and or clomide and if so how much and when should i start the PCT? And should my PCT be the same for just a dbol cycle apposed to a dbol and sust cycle? Any info will help guys thanks!

Right. Before we need to get the fire extinguishers out…

Please read the stickies, the threads which stay at the top of the list of threads, you particularly need to read the SERM and AI sticky which will answer your PCT questions, and the steroid newbie thread, all of your other questions will be answered… Also read some of the nutrition articles on this website, there are ‘Tunzzzzz’

Read and digest! :wink:

And as you already have in your possession liquid Dbol: Understand; if you take it you may well get gyno and loss of sex drive at your current level of understanding, so please do not use it yet.