Help with My First Blast. Test/Eq

Hey all!

Going into this blast I am about 184/ 12-13%bf/ 5’10
i would like to add some lean mass and also make some good strength gains. I know most of the water weight is solely compound based, but i’m wondering if it is possible to put on 10-15 lbm during this blast.

Looking to do my first blast and i’m thinking of using eq. I just ordered about 9 grams of Eq and i’m wondering how to use this with my blast. I’ve seen tons of people saying to run this anywhere from 3-800mg per week. I would like to keep my trt the same dose or raise a little bit.

I’m thinking
300mg Test/ 400mg Eq for 16 Weeks
0.5mg aromisin 1x weekly and can adjust based on sensitivity.

Front loading? would i be able to front load eq? And what is the best way to taper down on a blast? or do you just go back to trt range when the blast is done.

If anyone has anything to add please do.

This is your TRT dose?

It seems that you have much more questions than knowledge. I dont think you need EQ, because it seems you lack any sort of understanding about this drug, so you are willing to just do what some randoms on the internet would “suggest” ? This is a very weird plan. You should read and read and read some more, before you try something.
Also, you should know WHY are you doing what you are doing. In training, not just know which exercises but know WHY exactly THESE exercises? Same goes with food and same goes with drugs. Why EQ? You seem to not know shit about it, why is it even in your plan? Does your training also has exercises with no reason to be there? What about food?
Idk, man. I think you are better off with 300 test alone.

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10-15 lbs from this? Swap that EQ out for something like Nandrolone maybe. Or try test only, first cycle right?

my trt dose is 200. I’ve seen plenty of people saying if you run eq at 5-600mg a week while leaving the trt dose at 200mg per week your estrogen will get out of whack.

i could up the eq dosage. I just wanna know the ratio that is best for test/eq i’ve seen so many different numbers. This would be my 3rd cycle but first on trt
previous is
sustanon 12 weeks 500mg/week
test prop/masteron prop/ tren ace 300/400/300

With EQ, there isn’t an answer on an individual level. Some get very low E2 with a little EQ, some have very little impact on E2. If I was going to use EQ, I would probably start with higher Test lower EQ and do a TT, FT, E2 blood test half way though to evaluate.

But if you have already done Test, Mast, and Tren in a cycle, you will probably be disappointed. Not saying you should go back to that stack (I don’t think many people should use Tren), but your proposed cycle will be weaker than that one.

10-15 lbm is a lofty goal IMO. A lot depends on diet and genetics. I don’t think I could do it unless I had lost a lot of size before hand. 5 lbs of lean tissue that you keep is a lot of muscle if you have been lifting for awhile.

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Here is why i picked eq
As of recent my appetite has been awful. Eq is known to increase appetite whilst keeping you lean. Second reason, Eq is a mild steroid that seems to have very little side effects and will promote muscle gain. I have read things on people doubling their eq dosage for the first two weeks of the cycle too get it into their system faster. Here’s my new take, i’m sorry for being so disorganized, i appreciate the response.
Weeks 1-2 Frontload eq at 800mg /week
Week 3-16 500mg / week eq
Weeks 1-16 .50mg aromasin
Weeks 1-16 300mg Eq

Than go back down to my cruise dose 200mg/ week when cycle succeeds.

Yea i hear ya! TTM is a cycle i will
never be doing ever again. In my opinion the sides aren’t worth it, the tren stuck with me well after the cycle and had lasting problems. I was hoping to do eq in a sense to regain what i lost and to continue to build onto that. I’ve heard great things about eq and appetite.

The thing with mild steroids is you have to take high dosages of them to get good gains. Are some better than others, yes IMO, but there is no free lunch with AAS. With EQ, blood pressure (due to high hematocrit) would be my biggest concern. If you are prone to high blood pressure / high hematocrit, then high dosages may not be the best option.

I’ve researched a lot of these compounds, and my list of what I’ll put in my body is dwindling. Test, Tbol, Var and perhaps DHB. Primo would be on the list, but I care a lot about hair (to each their own, some do not care about that, and I respect that).

So what if i added some tbol to the cycle? Tbol is good for strength and lean gains which is attractive to me. I could add for the first 6 weeks 50mg/day. How does that sound?

I would do Test / Tbol over Test EQ. I like Tbol. I did have back pumps, that were pretty brutal. That may have been from switching to conventional deadlifts for a little while. Probably a little bit of the tbol and conventional deadlifts if I were to guess. I ran the Tbol at 40 mg/day with what I thought were pretty good results. I would use Tudca or NAC for liver support if you are going to use it. I think 30-60 mg/day is pretty solid for dosing.

It is the blast I am currently running actually. I am doing 875 mg/wk of Test (250 mg EOD). I did 4 weeks in the beginning of Tbol, and will do the last 4 weeks with Tbol. I am running 0.25 mg EOD of Adex (I see you have your AIs mixed up above, just an FYI, the dosage appears to be in line with Adex not Asin). 0.5 mg of Finasteride a day (I care about hair), and 500 mg of Tudca (while on the Tbol, or after drinking if I do that). I am up quite a lot of weight (about 20 lbs, but some is water, a bit fat and some muscle), strength is up. I think I am at about the 10 week mark right now. Thinking I’ll run until mid January.

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Apetite is individual. It didnt do that to me.
Also, no steroid can keep you lean. Either you are on a surplus or on a deficit. Steroids cant change physics that applies to the universe around us.

Frontloading is ok.

EQ kills all the e2 of some people. Me included. For example, if i take 400 test, i can only take 100-150EQ and my e2 will be in the singles, which i do not like.
So no extra AI, and bloodwork every week. Since EQ is slow, it took around 5 weeks for it to drive my e2 super low. You need to monitor it all the time and its a pain in the ass to manipulate the dosage.

Let me correct you.
EQ is a mild steroid that has little side effects and will promote little muscle gain. Therefore people use it up to a gram a week, so they would experience more muscle gain, and also more side effects so the steroid at that dosage is no longer considered mild.

The problem with “mild” steroids is that they are mild per mg. EQ is mild if you take 300 test and 300 EQ.
I would say you are better off with 400 test then - the less compounds the easier to control the sides and know what is fucking you up
So then you will want the goodies of EQ and you will frontload 800 and then blast 500. I wonder if 100mg of tren is not milder than 800mg of eq? There was this one log a dude did on 200mg of test and 100mg of tren, for years and all his bloodwork was perfect. Im sure no ones bloodwork is perfect on 500-800mg of EQ. See my point?
The mildness and the lack of side effects of some steroids is always fucked by upping the dose. At the end you will see that the mild steroids are just taken twice the amount.

There definetly is a place for the EQ. I am e2 sensitive, so if i wouldnt be having problems with hematocrit always, i would take it just as an AI in micro dosage. Some people do fine on it also, and can run high dosages and be ok, BUT… EQ is just a crappier test. If you get high e2 on test super fast, you can swap some test for some e2, but if one can tolerate test i believe adding a bit test will always be better than adding tripple the amount of EQ.
Especially for you - since you have no real reason to need EQ, except for apetite which most people DONT experience, and as i explained - only GH is known to help with body fat, and EQ cant stop you from getting fat if you are in a caloric surplus, i think you are better off with upping the test A BIT and getting the same mild side effect benefits.

If you are on 200mg all the time, up it to 350, use FOOD and good training with progressive overload and see how much you can squeeze out from that.
I was suprised that after blasting grams and grams of shit, i went down to 290mgs and actually could progress if i really tried.
You can ALWAYS up the dose and add shit. But isnt our goal to take as little as we can and get the most out of it?

This forum is great because people dont brag about huge dosages and how they tolerate it. I love how actually most people almost brag about how little can they take and get something out of it - its much healthier way to go.
If you cant make improvements on 300-400 test, you are either super advanced, or your training or eating sucks.


Throw in some MK677 to accomplish this. Hungry as f🤬ct on that stuff

It is not, no.

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I dont get the hunger but i like MK. I get a bit bloated but in all the right places - i just look big and pumped on it all the time. Real GH doesnt do that to me. Im waiting to see how my low dose NPP does with my blood pressure and if that will be fine imma go back on MK also.
Last time i took MK i also took 100mg of tren and BP was 150, but i think i just had Covid or something and it was just a bad timing, haha.

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Lol that’s literally all I got last time I tried it. Quit after a few weeks tho, maybe it would have worn off