Help With My First Biotest Purchase

I’m ready to make my first Biotest purchase, and I’d like to get opinions on which items would be most important. I think the information provided on this site is invaluable, so I’m looking to purchase $150+ of supplements (this way I save on my shipping costs!!)

Here’s what I was thinking of:

-A couple tubs of Surge (how long does a tub usually last?)
-Flameout (to replace the Fish Oil pills I get from Stop&Shop)
-maybe 2 boxes of Metabolic Drive Bars (to snack on in case I’m in a crunch for food)
-Grow! Whey (to replace Optimum Nutrition, which I use sometimes in Yogurt or to make my own shakes)

Anything else? I was thinking of Metabolic Drive as a possible MRP. What else would it be used for? In some of the Physique Clinics, I saw it was used frequently throughout the day to get protein in. I would probably start with the Metabolic Drive Complete (not Low-Carb Metabolic Drive) because right now I am 155 lbs looking to add strength and size (I haven’t been limiting my carb intake since I’m an ectomorph).

Thanks in advance!!

Everything you lists makes sense.

I would get some Metabolic Drive Complete if you can.

Surge usually last about 14-16 workouts.

Good call, you are sticking to the basics. And good call about buying over $150, I’ve never understood why someone in the US would buy less, it’s not like the shelf life of protein is short.

If you click on the “Supplement Facts” beside each product in the store it will give you the number of servings contained in the package.

Depending on your financial situation, I’ve found that an easy way to extend the duration of a tub of either Surge and Metabolic Drive is to use half a serving of it and half a serving of the Whey. Obviously this is not ideal, but I’ve found it to be an affordable balance.