Help With My Fatigue & Libido Struggles (Labs Included)

Can someone help with my struggles

Hoping to get some views on my current struggles.

My current protocol 37.5mg Test E every 3.5 days

TT 20.6 nmol/L 8 - 32

E2 81 pmol/L 40 - 159

SHBG 13 nmol/L

Free T 0.661 nmol/L 0.3 - 0.68

Prolactin good, everything else good, I’m not overweight or any other health conditions that cause low shbg so must be genetic, also even know I’m LOW SHBG my levels don’t fluctuate that much on a 3.5 day frequency but I know most will advocate daily or EOD injections.

I just feel so faitigued all the time and absolutely zero libido, from my time on TRT I have noticed that when I was on increased dose and higher levels I felt even worse, I reduced to 25mg every 3.5 days and HCG 125IU EOD and felt great for like 2 months and my free T was a bit lower than above at 0.45, I stupidly decided to increase and then started on a rollercoaster of trying to get back to where I was and that good place and have been struggling ever since, that was a year and a half ago.

My Dr has suggested that I switch to Testosterone Cypionate and split up my dose to 3x a week and try SUBQ injections and I think the dose will be about 27mg 3x a week and HCG as normal.

What do you guys think? Anyone have any trouble with finding their sweet spot?

I need to have more patience and learn to give things more time etc before making a change.

Do you snore? Do you wake your self up or gasp for air? Ever had a sleep study done?

I read your post and could relate to it. I would highly recommend the sleep study that the gentleman eluded to. I decided to do it and they noted drops in oxygen as I slept and diagnosed with sleep apnea. After using a cpap machine for just 1 week, I felt so much better….

And if that isn’t the problem…at least you investigated the possibility, as sleep apnea can have other ramifications.

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Not saying you’re wrong, but every time someone says “my labs look good but I feel like crap” I always want to see those labs. Sometimes “good” isn’t good enough

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When I first started TRT my doc had me on a low dose like yours and, like you, my E2 was way too high for such a low dose. In fact, I even did a 24 hour urine composite test and my E2 was higher than my wife’s.

My point is, your dose is probably too low. An E2 reading of 81 is fine if your test is high optimal but not at your current levels. I think you need to taper up until you reach a threshold.

Personally, I’d get thyroid and HPA axis hormones tested.

Any other symptoms you notice?