Help With My Diet...

Recently, I started lifting again with in hopes of gaining some significant LBM. I have read John Berardi’s articles on Mass Eating and made my calculations, but find that I am falling far short - not just in caloric intake, but in maintaining a proper and beneficial Protein/Carb/Fat ratio. I am 21 years old, 6’2"-6’3" and 160 pounds. Can anyone give me some tips to get me on the right track - while considering that I am restricted to my university’s dining hall as my only food source option? Many thanks in advance.

  • ArcherNU

Dude, if you’re 6’3" and 160lbs, you should be just ‘eyeballing’ the Massive Eating ratios while consuming every article of food in a 10 kilometer radius.

I’ve got to agree with Ike. You need to not worry about the macro breakdowns but rather get the total calories up.

Now, I wouldn’t suggest that you scarf down ice cream and butter, but you don’t need to pay precise detail to food choices (I’m assuming you are really lean at 160 and are performing some type of lifting routine to increase lean body mass).

In regards to food choices, take a look at the Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid article in issue 172. Feel free to consume just about anything you can get down from the “good” and “okay” stuff column.

Lastly, you are not just limited to the foods at the dining commons. You need to get yourself some protein powder, meal replacement powder, bars, natural peanut butter, a hand blender and get some other food in between meals and at night.

Buy some oatmeal, eggs, and tuna. Cheap! I’d look into eating like 4000 cal a day. :slight_smile: I think you can afford it (body wise). If you can’t monitarily afford it, pimp youself out or donate sperm. You’re in college! Drink beer for extra carb calories. (thats a joke)

Just eat everything you can get your hands on. Stay away from most “healthy foods” and eat lots of junk. No I am not crazy and I would’nt recommend this style of eating for long term, but in your case you need to eat LOADS of calories, not worrying about carbs, fat and protein. Staying away from traditional healthy foods means you will be avoiding fibre and high water foods such as whole grain products, fruit and veggies. In your case these are not optimal because they are too filling and will satisfy your hunger with little calories. You want to eat like an animal but yet always be hungry. So load up on calorie dense food and train hard but very infrequently. You shouldn’t be spending more than 4 hours per week in the gym.