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Help with My Diet


Hi guys new to the site.

I just wanted to post my diet on here to see what you guys think about it and see if there any changes that need to be made. I'm 18 and been training properly for about 6 months and gained about 14 pounds in that time, currently weighing just over 200 pounds and 5ft10. I'm hoping to compete in the future and would appreciate any feedback you guys have.

Thanks Josh


7.00: 5 eggs. 90 g oats

9.30: 200 g chicken. 90 pasta

11.15: post workout shake

12.00: 200g chicken. 90 g rice

2.30: 200g lean mince. 90g rice

5.00: 200g chicken. 90g couscous

7.30: 200g chicken. 90g pasta

10.00: 200g fish. 90g rice


Is it working for you?